Week 2 complete!

It's hard to believe that just a few weeks ago we were swimming everyday, taking luxurious naps in the afternoon, and staying up late watching movies!  Starting a new school year sure does put a damper on all those fun summer activities, but I am thankful for our new routine!  Joelle absolutely loves going to preschool, and she is learning so much!  Her little preschool started wearing uniforms this year, and I'm pretty sure she now looks like she is 15 years old... where did my baby go?!
About the broken leg... jumping on one leg at a trampoline park=landing on the trampoline wrong.  She has a slight fracture on her tibia.  We have one more week of the boot, and then we should be able to put that stinky thing to the side!

Each year we start out our reading/writing skills with Amber Brown books.  We have a class set, so it just works well for us.  This year I used Deanna Jump's new Interactive Reading Journal unit to dig into the book.  Our focus was on making/confirming predictions and identifying characters.  Here's a look at how I used some of the pages from her unit in my classroom this week!

I really liked this little flapbook because my students had to justify their predictions and it really made them think!  
And these little reading journal pages worked perfectly for our focus on characters!

 And, if you've followed my blog in the past, you've seen this writing activity before!  I always end our Amber Brown unit with this writing piece.  We make a connection between Amber and Justin's friendship to our very own best friends!  You can see how I've done that in the past HERE!

This year I used Krista Wallden's Blank Body Templates and I really like how they turned out! 

 I've had a lot of questions asking about my daily schedule and how I make my reading units fit into the Daily Five.  I am working on a post to answer all of those questions, BUT it's not quite ready yet!  Unit then, have a great weekend!!!


Ashley Reed said...

Thanks for the awesome ideas and inspiration. Tell Joelle Mrs. Ashley has a matching boot!! :/

Erin B said...

I love the Best Friend display, Amy! Thanks for sharing this! Joelle is a cutie! I hope her leg is feeling better quickly!!

Mrs. Beattie's Classroom

www.jwhit.com said...

That reading journal is exactly what I need. Thanks.

Susan Moran said...

I always love seeing whats going on in your classroom, Amy!!

PS - I saw Joelle's puffs on facebook, ADORABLE!!


Emmy said...

Hi Amy!!

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Thanks for all you do! Your students are very lucky!