Visual Plans (lots of freebies) and Math Stations

I'm all prepped for this week... how about you?!  I must say that knowing that I needed to have my visual plans done by Sunday to share with you helped keep me on my toes!  Today I have my plans to share and a little peek at how I pull it together :)

First off, I have to be planned up and ready to share with my team by Thursday because that's when my teammate's sweet mama comes to make our copies for us.  So, I spend Monday and Tuesday writing my lesson plans up, and I get the originals ready to copy by Wednesday before I leave for the day.  We are blessed to have a helper each week, so I make sure I'm ready for her!  Otherwise I'd be copying all ELA stuff for 4 classes, and I really don't want to do that, ha!

So, by the end of Thursday, my tubs usually look like this for the next week.  I have my copies, books we are going to read, games, etc all organized in my tubs!

Also, I want to answer a few questions I have received since posting my lesson plans last week:
1.  My students learn Science and SS in SPANISH!  So, my teammate teaches that to both classes.  Therefore, I only have to plan and prep for ELA and Math.
2.  I don't have a scope and sequence that I can share because... A.  my district gives us somewhat of a layout  B.  I have never sat down to map it out!
3.  My district uses an online lesson planning system called Forethought in Eduphoria.  So, I don't submit the lesson plans you see below.  However, I just copy/paste this info into the online system.

AND, yes... I know our school day is long.  Trust me.

Okay, now for the plans!  We are comparing fiction and nonfiction books with a focus on frogs.  We will start the week reading Frog and Toad books, focusing on fiction.  Then, we will finish the week doing a bit of research on frogs!  Why did I choose frogs... well, my grade level has several Frog and Toad books that we can share and it fits the friendship theme that we are sticking with at the beginning of the year.  I don't teach Science, but I still like getting a touch of it in during ELA!  They will do life cycles later on in the year in Science :)

*Remember, you have to go to Google Docs HERE and go to file-download.  Then, the links will be clickable through the PDF :)  I've included quite a few freebies that I found on TpT for editing sentences as well as some that I made to accompany our Frog study!
 In Math we are all about addition!  It's time to stop using those fingers and get some strategies down!  We will spend two weeks working on different addition strategies.

 Now, let's talk about math stations!  I absolutely LOVED our first week.  I will definitely continue these throughout the rest of the year because I love how we can review concepts that we've already learned, plus work on our focus for the week.  So many of these games can continue to be used throughout the school year!  Here's how I prepped this week's stations...

I copy all of my math stations on colored paper.  This saves me a ton of ink!  Then, I laminated and cut out.  I actually have quite a few parent volunteers that are going to be my lamination superheroes this year!  They are absolutely WONDERFUL!

Then, each station goes into a fancy ziploc bag ;)
And I put the plastic bags in these magazine bins I bought at the Dollar Spot in Target years ago.  My students make their own choice about where to visit during the Daily 5, but we do use a rotation for math stations.  I would share a picture, but it has my kiddos' names all over it!  
 And, there you have it!  My 5 math stations are prepped!  This week none of our stations require paper for the kids to write on, they are more puzzles/games.  I'm not really looking to take grades during math stations.  My main goal is that my students will have more exposure to our concepts in new and different ways.  We will also continue to use 4 iPads for math games.  I promise once I get the iPads figured out and really get a grip on which apps I love, I will share!
And that's how I get prepped and ready for the week ahead so that I don't have to spend my weekend worrying about what I'm going to be teaching on Monday!  It makes the weekend much more enjoyable :)  Want to see how other teachers/bloggers get prepped for the week?  Head on over to Deedee's blog and check out her linky!


Heather Stein said...

Love your organization! Are those your math games? If not, where did you get them? I need more math games for my class.


Lovely Nina said...

Organizing things just make everything a little less stressful! I do my organizing a little bit like you but I also try to have it all done on Thursday! Love when you share your tips!

Mandi Moore said...

LOVE your visual plans, thanks for sharing! I am heading over right now to scoop up your addition strategies packet!! So cute AND USEFUL!

Thanks so much!
MOORE Fun In Kindergarten

amy.lemons said...

Heather... the math games are in my visual plans. You can click to get to where they came from!

Shelley- TheWriteStuff said...

Hi Amy!

I love your visual plans and seeing how you set up your weekly tubs. I will be getting some new ones because I have those metal magazine holders with multicolored files in them; one for each day of the week. It just doesn't hold everything I need it to hold!

Enjoy your week!


The Perks of Teaching Primary

Second Grade Stories said...

OMG - I am speechless!!! I came over to check out your plans for the week because I always get sooooo many good ideas from you (just purchased your addition strategies packet)- and you are using one of MY products this week!!! I just about fell over when I saw my BTS Fix-It right there! You made my weekend :-) ~ Lisa

jessroy said...

Amy, I am new to 2nd grade this year, and you have been a lifesaver! I have done your Amber Brown activities, and purchased your Henry and Mudge unit, which we will start next week. Please keep your wonderful ideas, lesson plans, and units coming! You have no idea how awesome and helpful you are! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marcy Fambro said...

We are making the same even/odd number strips tomorrow!!

Saddle Up For 2nd Grade

Stro said...

Amy, thank you for posting your math ideas! In my school, we are already departmentalized at the 2nd grade level so I am teaching only math to all of the 2nd graders. Your resources, lesson plans, math ideas are so helpful! Many times, 2nd grade teachers only post their reading & language arts information. Thanks so much for everything!

crazy in second said...

Hey Mrs. Lemons,
Our team has been using daily 5 for 3 years now. We love it. One thing that we did early on was number all our books and made corresponding baskets. That way when the kids shopped for books they would be able to return books to the appropriate basket without any problems. It works wonderfully. Teaching them how to shop for books is so essential. Especially for those reluctant readers. Once they discover that there really are books that they can read, it changes their whole outlook on reading. Perhaps you could pair students with similar reading levels together to share a book box. Your ideas are great and I have been able to use many of them in my classroom! Good Luck with the daily 5!

Daniella Garcia said...
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Daniella Garcia said...

I absolutely love all your products. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas. I have been reading your posts lately on math stations because it's something I want to work on. I know you can't post your station board, but I have a few questions. On monday you have number station is that the only station the students do? Or do you have other stations going on also? How many copies do you make of each game? Sorry for the numerous questions. lol

Nicole Wellington said...

This is my first year teaching and I'm teaching 2nd grade, I just wanted to tell you how much your TPT account has helped me out and your blog has been so helpful also! We are just starting Frog and Toad today and finished with Henry and Mudge recently, so we seem to be on the same track :) Thank you so much for all of your ideas!

Suzanne said...

Thanks for posting so much information!

Don't you wish Ziploc would make bags that fit 9"x12" paper? Gallon sized bags don't work! I would definitely buy them in bulk! I think I'll email them!

Samantha Gaarder said...

Hi Amy,

Can you tell me where you got your numbers and labels for your bins?

Thanks so much!!!


BusyBee said...

Hi Amy!
I'd also like to know where your got the numbers for your bins and the letters on the bags above your cabinets. I've searched high and low online, and haven't seen this font.


Teri said...

Thanks for posting your plans its so visual! Im definetly buying your math sets!

Jessica Stafiej said...

Where did you buy those Monday though Friday holders for your things?! I NEED those!!

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Chelsea ONeal said...

Do you use a paid version of the IXL on the ipad?

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Kirsten said...

I love the BIG numbers on your math bins. Did you make them?

Nickon said...

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Mishu311 said...

Are you visual plans something that your school requires you to do or are they something that you do for yourself? I love them and I would love a template to use for my school if you have one! Thanks for all you do. You are constant inspiration for my lessons.


Erica Layne said...

I love those tubs you use for your weekly prep! Where did you get them, they are such a nice size.


Leslie Casiday said...

I love your visual lesson plan template, do you have it for sale in your TPT store. Since departmentalizing a few years ago we have always turned in group plans, this year however they are requiring individual plans and I love the way you have yours set up.