Last Week, Fall, and THIS Week!

Happy Sunday, y'all!  Before I show you a peek at my week coming up, I wanted to share a few more things that my kiddos did this past week :)

We continued using our addition strategies, and I will say that I'm seeing *less* use of finger counting than before.  We aren't completely broken yet, and may never be... but our bank of strategies and tools is definitely helping!  In the years past I haven't spent as much time on basic addition skills in 2nd grade like I am doing this year.  AND, I always end up regretting not taking the time early on.  We will dig into double digit addition soon, so taking the time now to hit our addition facts is so worth it!
 I really loved doing this flap-book on Friday... my kids were breaking down those numbers like crazy!
 OHHH, and we finished up our frog unit!  I just barely snapped this pic right before my kiddos left for the day!
Okay, now let's talk about the week ahead!  We are talking about all things FALL!  And, it's definitely feeling all fall-ish here in Dallas {well, if you ignore the 95 degree temperatures ;)}.  My little family has so enjoyed all of the fun fall activities we have here in Texas!  Last week we went to our a local Pumpkin Patch, and Joelle just loved it!
 And this weekend we ate way too much food at the fair!
It may still be stinkin' hot, but we are going to go ahead and look past that in my classroom, ha!  Our week will look a little different because I have to get my DRA reading assessments done.  In order to make that happen, I just CANNOT be in front of the class teaching all the time.  Plus, it's the last week of the 6 weeks, so I wanted to change things up a bit.  I am using my Fallin' Into Fun Literacy Centers during our ELA time each day.  I am actually really excited about this because it will be a great way to review skills PLUS give a little introduction on some things we will get to soon!  

My plan is to do TWO 30 minute literacy station rotations each day.  That way, each set of partners will get to all 10 stations throughout the week.  I have 8 partner groups, so it should work almost perfectly.  I will also use time to read fall-related books (I haven't pulled them out of my cabinet yet, so I don't have exact titles yet!!), and we will use the writing center that's in my unit as our writing focus for the week.  

Click HERE or on the pictures below!  Remember to download in Google Docs for the clickable links!

You will notice that my math stations are the same as last week.  We had a few things come up that I hadn't planned for... Book Fair, Fundraiser assembly, etc.  So, we still have a few rotations left to finish up from last week!  That actually worked out perfect because life got busy and I didn't get new stations prepped anyways!

As far as the Daily 5 goes.  You might have read about my book bin dilemma HERE, well I just bit the bullet first thing on Monday and started book shopping.  It actually was A LOT easier than I had anticipated.  I haven't split the book bins up for the two classes... they just share the book bins for now, and I haven't had a single problem.  They share desks also, so I shouldn't have been so scared!  They know to only keep their things on one half of the inside of their desk, so they just kind of naturally do the same with book bins.  All in all, it was very natural and we had a smooth transition :)

You'll notice some of the apps that we are using for the iPads.  I have been introducing new apps slowly and as I find them.  For Listen to Reading, I found several free apps for stories that are read-aloud.  Just search, "Collins Big Cat" and you'll find them!  The kiddos can record themselves reading the stories as well!  I have 4 iPads that we use during math stations and the Daily Five, and I'm absolutely LOVING incorporating them into more parts of my day.  
And, there you have it!  Another week planned.  Now, let's see how much prepping I get in between testing 24 kiddos, ha!  Wish me luck ;)

As always, head on over to Mrs. Deedee Wills to see what's going on in other classrooms!


Rachel Lamb said...

looks great! I just finished up my benchmarking so we will finally start guided reading this week! Amen!

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing. Quick question here, how do you like doing daily 5 in the afternoon? My kiddies always do better in the morning but my mornings are broken up with specials. Any suggestions?

Sharon said...

Thanks for sharing. Quick question here, how do you like doing daily 5 in the afternoon? My kiddies always do better in the morning but my mornings are broken up with specials. Any suggestions?

Dina said...

I just wanted to thank you for showing your plans each week .They are very helpful and useful. I Hope you continue to share them all year. I love them!!! I also love all of your products.I think I have purchased your whole library!!!

Shannon Henderson said...

Love these visual plans. I am also
testing this week and using your literacy centers. YAY!!!!

Alicia Bullock said...

How do you make visual plans?

For Sharon, I have Daily 5 in the afternoon because of specials. It works out better. I can catch up any stragglers from the day :)

Alicia Bullock said...

Could I get an editable copy of your visual plan template?

Maybe a video of your whole day - kidding and not kidding :)

Amy Barnes said...

From one Amy to another! LOL! I love reading your blog! You have so many great ideas and I've purchased many things I've enjoyed using. I now really enjoy reading your visual lesson plans. I do have a question however, I noticed some great activities for ELA, but was wondering where you put in self sustained silent reading? My 2nd graders are at 20 minutes now and will work up to 35-40 minutes. With Reader's Workshop having a mini-lesson, silent reading, partner work, and sharing, there is no time for craftivities and other projects. Just wondering how you fit it in.

Debbie K said...

I am WAY behind in my blog following and just got to this one today. Beginning of the year!!! I loved your plan for getting your DRA assessments done while the other kids are doing your fall literacy centers. Imagine how thrilled I was when I clicked on them and found that I had already bought them during the big BTS sale in August! I'm printing them right now. Thanks! They're great.

Karen Moonan said...

I too am interested in how you make visual plans...? Any directions..templates, help,????