Tips and Tricks

Today marks the LAST day of Teacher Week '13!  Which means you are about to start or have already started the 2013-2014 school year!  Today we are talking about Tips and Tricks for your classroom.  Mine are really simple...

1.  Have talented friends :)  My husband's BFF made these bookshelves for me ON THE CHEAP... holla!  Much cheaper than ordering from a school furniture store, AND they custom fit my classroom.  
If you live in the DFW/North Texas area, and could use some bookshelves, let me know!  He did an awesome job!  Just email me at and I'll get you his info.  AND, I still have room to grow... I'm super excited about that!  Plus these bookshelves are all kinds of sturdy :)
Speaking of good friends... the hubby of one of my teammates made this Big Book holder for me.  And, it also helps to have a husband that will paint for free :)  

Tip #2... paint bookshelves in a neutral color so that you can use them with any classroom color scheme!  I went with black paint and I love it!
3.  Don't be afraid to ask questions.  I don't know Spanish, but for the Dual Language program, I need Spanish displayed in my classroom.  Some lovely followers of mine AND my teaching buddy helped me translate these common phrases.  You can find this freebie on my facebook!
 Tip #4:  Go to Hobby Lobby and just look through every.single.aisle.  They really do have some hidden treasures!  I found these colored pennants that I have used all over my classroom.  I'm at the point where I have NO TIME left to spend cutting out triangles, so these were a lifesaver for me, and totally worth the $2.50 (PTL for Hobby Lobby sales... can I get an amen?!)
 So, that sums it up for me!  Have good friends who are willing to help teachers out, and visit Hobby Lobby ASAP!  Us teachers could use a helping hand, right?!  Head on over to Blog Hoppin' to see more tricks of the trade!


Jamie knefely said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


Jamie knefely said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


Jamie knefely said...

Great tips! Thanks for sharing!


Erin Blecki said...

Those pennants are awesome! I've never seen them in there before. I'll have to look harder the next time!

CBJ said...
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Mrs. Griffith said...

Last summer my hubs made my book box cases that look very similar to yours . Definitely much cheaper like you said!

For the Love of First Grade

Laurie said...

WOW, love the bookshelves!!

First Grade Lyons' Den!

Rachel Lamb said...

Now if I could get one of those big book holder shipped to me!! I actually broke mine demonstrating how NOT to walk around the room!

Collaboration Cuties said...

Wow, I'm totally jealous you have builders that can make such amazing shelves and bookholders for you! I need to get my husband to learn how to do this stuff! ;O)

It all looks amazing!
Collaboration Cuties

Flamingos and Butterflies said...

I just spent the summer adding new black shelves to my room. Love them!

Thank for the great tips!


Kim Tucker said...

Awesomeness! I love Hobby Lobby - I'll have to find the pennants! :) I teach band at Bussey Middle School in Garland and would love a custom-built trophy case for the band hall. I'll email you to get your friend's contact information. ;)

Michelle Lanning said...

love those shelves! I have plenty in my room but would really like to paint them black!

And Hobby Lobby, yes I do go through each aisle, so glad we have them here in Cali now. Hidden treasures.

Your room looks great.

Anonymous said...

Love those bookshelves! And it's actually "we teachers"... :-D I'm such a teacher. Lol

Jen said...

Thanks for sharing those great pics! Yes, we teachers are so creative and definitely appreciative our of friends and family who pitch in to help!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy I teach for AISD. I would love to get an idea on price for some shelving. My room is extremely small and I need all the help I can get :-) 817-937-3661 Kelly McGee