Are you having fun with Teacher Week yet?!  I sure am!  Today I am here to show you some ways that I organize for instruction.  I'm just going to be real honest and say that organizing is NOT my strong suit.  I do not keep clutter, but my filing cabinet also overfloweth right about now :)  SO, I am having to dig down DEEP to write this post ;)

I recently made a Sticking to the Sight Words pack for a couple of reasons:
1.  I had a lot of random ideas and activities that I do with sight words, but had never compiled them into one easy file.
2.  In 2nd grade, I often put sight words to the side because we have so many other things to work on
3.  SO, I needed to get this all prepped to ensure we made sight words a priority!

And, that's where organization comes in!  After I printed my unit, I just tucked everything inside of a CHEAP Pendaflex!
 Here's a look at *some* of the activities inside of my Pendaflex...
 I just have to grab the master copy of whatever activity, game, flapbook, or assessment that I need and run to the copy machine!  No more wasting time trying to find my originals!
 My letter cards are already laminated and cut apart so that we can make our sight words!
My assessments are even filed away in the Pendaflex.  It's kind of like a one-stop shop!
Now it's all kinds of ready to find a home near my word wall or small group table!

Now, do I keep all of my files, station activities, printables, and the such in an easy-to-grab pendaflex?  Nooooo!  BUT, I do think organizational materials like this are great for those go-to activities that you incorporate daily or weekly.  It just makes it more "in my face" so that I actually remember what we need to do, plus it's always prepped for small group time!

I also am a strong believer in labeling!  Here's the little label I used for my sight word organization if you'd like it!  Just click {HERE} to download for free!
You can check out my Sticking to the Sight Words unit below:
 There' are games, flap-books, sorts, printables, word cards, letter cards, assessments, and more!
Then, make sure you head on over to Blog Hoppin' to see more organizational tips!!!


Ashley B Schroeder said...

LOVE this, Amy!! Last year, teaching 2nd for the first time after teaching first for 6 years, it was SO easy to forget about sight words. I love the 'grab-and-go' style of this! Great post, as usual! :)


Michele said...

I started putting all of my group work activities; task cards etc. into pendaflex files last year too.
Great post!
Coffee Cups and Lesson Plans

Mrs. Brooks said...

Love it! I have a little sterilite with drawers that I keep all of my originals in, so that works, but it doesn't have the space to store laminated word or letter cards, etc. This is a good idea!

Lindsey at Forever First Grade

Meredith Walsky said...

What great sight word activities! I use the same Pendaflex file as well. If it works, keep it!

1, 2, Eyes On You!

Ginger Snaps said...

Loving the sight words set! Super cute!

Ginger Snaps

Cathy Lien said...
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Cathy Lien said...

Thank you so much for the tip. I pretty much own the majority of your TpT store so this one is getting wish-listed now. ;) I'm curious, what set of sight words do YOU use? Dolch? Fry?

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