A Smorgasbord of a Post!

I'm a day late to Michelle's Sunday Smorgasbord party... go figure!  Anyways, my post today is all kinds of fitting because it's all over the place!  If you'll hang in there with me I have a picture of my cutie, some updates I've made, and a freebie for you!  

So, the long skirts and dresses are all the fad now, and to be honest I am really hot natured so long dresses kind of scare me.  I mean, I do live in Texas where it feels like you're opening the oven door every time you walk outside.  Well, yesterday I pulled out a skirt I had bought forever ago and decided to give it a try.  I'm now a fan and on the long skirt bandwagon!  Now I just need to go shopping for more ;)

As soon as I was dressed Joelle was determined to match me.  So, off to church we went in our black stripes!
Oh my... I'm already out of order, but here's my little freebie for you!  For my Spanish Word Wall, I made these picture cards to use throughout the year.  If I don't have Spanish words prepped beforehand then I will put it to the side every time because I need my teaching partner to help me translate.  And, let's face it... who wants me to bug them at the beginning of the year?!  No one, ha!

I made them in English and Spanish and am planning to use them for writing prompts, word work stations, and just to display for my students.  So, here are those are for you!  I think there are over 100 picture/word cards in the document :)


 And, now on to some updates!  I am slowly updating some of my old units.  We live and we learn, right?!  I gave my B2S Literacy Centers a little facelift.  There are now Color and B&W versions of each center, and I've changed up the fonts.  All of the content is still basically the same!  Just easier to print and more visually appealing!
 And another B2S unit I made just a little update to is "Let's Get Started" This little math number seriously saved my life last year during the first 2 weeks of school, and I'm pretty fond of it for that!
 The Mathematicians craft now has templates to make a boy or girl craft!  And, I fixed a couple of errors :)
I told you that I'd be all over the place!  That makes my brain hurt a little, ha!  I'm linking up with Michelle today over at Fabulous in First!


Ashley Sanderson said...

your post was perfect for the smorgasbord since it was all over the place! but isn't that all of us now that we are on summer break?! No schedule, no rules, and I love it!

So glad you joined the long skirt bandwagon! You'll be glad you did! They are a must in this TX heat! Check out Target. Always love their skirts!

And as always, Joelle, is the cutest!! wanting to match her mommy?! presh!

Flying High in First Grade

Leigh Langton said...


Joelle is too cute. Lovin' the matching outfits! Thanks for the AWESOME freebie! Downloading and pinning. I don't teach in a dual language classroom, but I do teach in FL and we have a VERY large ESOL population. Can't wait to re-download your back to school centers and math packs! I grabbed those up last year and LOVE them!

Enjoy your week!

The Applicious Teacher

Jess said...

I love the mathematicans craft! I'll have to do that for back to school!

I was not a fan of the long skirt/dress fad either since I live in Florida and feel it is just too hot in the summer! Now though I wear the long skirts/dresses in the spring or fall!
Rambling About Reading

Jeannie said...

I love my long dresses and skirts. Your packets look great. They are in my wish list. Joelle is just the cutest thing!

The 2nd Grade Surprise

Betsy Brown said...

Thank you for the word boards. Our school is 87% Hispanic. While most of our kinder-bears are second-language learners, they are, for the most part, proficient in English. I love having the Spanish match-ups because they love teaching ME Spanish words and these will give them the visuals I need to comprehend, even if I cannot use proper pronunciation. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Love those little cards but mostly love Joelle! :) Thanks for linking up! :) XOXO

Katy said...

Your math pack was a lifesaver for me last year! My district started math workshop and these activities matched up perfectly with the mini-lessons for launching the workshop!

Thanks for the update and the freebie! :)

Sarah said...

You two are just so cute! :) Thanks for the word cards! They are awesome!


Foxwell Forest said...

Amy, I love how Joelle wants to be just like her momma! :) You both look beautiful! And hey as far as the long skirts go-we girls like any excuse we can to shop, right? ;)

Love the new updates on your products!! It's making me want to go update some of mine!

First Grade in Foxwell Forest

Stephanie Meadows said...

I had already purchased your let's get started math unit and CAN'T WAIT to use it this coming school year.



Kristy said...

The word cards are so cute. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to check out the mathematician craft - I'm teaching math/science this year.
Teachin' First

DEK said...

Just wanted you to know I am making the jump from kindergarten to 2nd this year after 30 years of teaching. I know what I like and I like what I know - you are doing a great job helping me see what is appropriate for second grade - I am anxious to use your cool stuff.