Wear it Proudly! {And some freebies for Throwback Thursday!}

Summer is definitely in full force here at the Lemons' household, but that doesn't mean that this teacher's head has drifted too far from school.  I've been working on a little rewards pack that I really think you'll enjoy.  I absolutely despise the treasure chest... like if I hear the words, "Mrs. Lemons do we get treasure chest today" one more time I might just go a little more crazy than I already am, ha!  Poor babies, I know they love the cheap little toys that are housed in the treasure chest, but I really do forget about it 99% of the time, and when I do remember to pull it out, I just never have enough goodies!

That's where my new pack comes in handy... it's all in one document that I can just print before the beginning of the year and everything will be ready to go!  Here's my little cutie modeling some of the goodies from "Wear It Proudly!"  It contains things to make hats, necklaces, keychains, bracelets, and stickers!  
There are 18 tags that can be used for necklaces, key chains, or even as stickers... 10 hat options... and 12 bracelets!  The sayings on each one vary so that you can reward behavior, attitude, academics, attendance, and more!
Every type of reward does come in color and black and white!  I think it would be fun to let your students color the rewards so that it becomes more personal to them!

You can find more details about Wear It Proudly on TpT!  Here's a look at the product cover and preview!

And, since I'm all about rewards today, I thought I'd join Cara in on a little Throwback Thursday and share some reward freebies that I made back in 2011!  Apparently my hatred towards the treasure chest started a while ago, ha!  These little rewards can be printed and passed out to students AND they don't cost a thing!  You can open up these freebies by clicking on the links below!

Rewards 2
Clip Art courtesy of DJ Inkers

{Please note... I made these back in August of 2011 and am no longer taking suggestions on rewards to add :)  I no longer have the template for these little guys... so sorry!!!!}

Now, I'm going to get back to...
not wearing makeup and wearing hats to cover my dirty hair
AND this... swimming with the little girl that I can hear yelling, "MAMA COME HERE" from the pool :)


Teaching in the Tongass said...

These are too cute! And so is your lil one!

Teaching in the Tongass

Lisa R. said...

I'm definitely buying this before school starts!!!! I love it!! :-)
Learning Is Something To Treasure

Rachelle said...

LOVE YOUR REWARDS!! Both your old and new!!! And you have the best model ever!

Reagan Tunstall said...

Why do I have the urge to wear these around the house?? I love them! ....I also agree ^^^ Joelle is a gorgeous model!

Jenni Taylor said...

The model is so cute ... and so is your packet.

Jenni Taylor

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

I love your little model!

Melanie said...

Ohh, thank you! These are great! Lovin' your model! She has beautiful smile!

Michelle Hudgeons said...

These are fab! Putting it on the wishlist!! And of course Joelle rocks them well!!! Love her little self!!!

A Rocky Top Teacher said...

Love the new rewards! Putting them on my wish list!

A Rocky Top Teacher

Bethany Louise said...

You have the cutest child in the world! And I am so in love with these wearable awards. What a creative incentive that the kids will love! Thanks so much!

Ship Shape First Grade

Jamie knefely said...

Great idea and probably saves money too!!!

Amanda said...

LOVE your wearable awards! I know my first ides would work harder just to receive one of these! P.s. What font did you use on the cover of the product where it says "Wear it proudly." That's almost identical to my handwriting! I would love to have that font! Thanks so much :)

Mrs. Richardson said...

You are SO right about the treasure box!! I finally would say, "If I tell you you can go, then you can go. If you ask, then you my loose that reward." By the end of the year they got to where they'd say, "DON'T ASK!!!!" when someone would. :) HA! This looks great, Amy!!

Mrs. Magee said...

Those reward hats are PRECIOUS! I plan on rewarding my students more this year for things and this is perfect for me! You have quite the lovely little model I might add. :)

First Grade Brain

BetsyB said...

These are wonderful!! Where did you get the necklace and key chains? thank you. :)

Annie Moffatt said...

LOVE these!! I think I need to make up reasons to give my little sweeties some awards this summer!! Too cute!

The Brown-Bag Teacher said...

Absolutely precious, Amy! Both Joelle and the pack. :)

The Brown-Bag Teacher

Carol Hernandez said...

Those rewards are SUPER cute! I should try this during the week. I ONLY do Treasure Box on Fridays and even then I get the reminders. Hehe.

Super Sparkly in Second

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Ashley Pennell said...

I LOVE these rewards!!! My school is all about treasure boxes and I am NOT a fan!! It became a junk money pit in my room and half the time, the kids didn't even want what was inside. I know they will enjoy a more immediate reward that praises them more! Cute picture of you and your little one -- she is precious!:)

That's So Second Grade!

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Ethan Harry said...
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Ethan Harry said...

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