Our Weekend in Utah!

Our little family was beyond blessed to spend the past few days in Utah for 2 reasons... we had a little reunion with our adoption agency AND I got to visit some of my sweet friends!  

We hit the ground running as soon as we landed in Utah.  Joelle and I went to a children's museum in Salt Lake City with Natalie and Lindsey.  Joelle enjoyed playing while we sat and chit-chatted it up!
 After the museum, we headed out to do a little splash-pad action.  Here we are with Lindsey, The Teacher Wife!  Joelle fell in love immediately :)  Can you blame her?!  Lindsey is the sweetest!
Can't you tell?!  She was soaking wet and freezing cold, but that didn't stop her from plopping right down on Lindsey's lap!  I guess she looked pretty comfy because Natalie's kiddos followed shortly after :)

 That night we met up with Rachelle for some shopping and dinner.  We quickly realized that we didn't need to shop because all we wanted to do was talk :)
 Joelle actually let me hold a baby without getting too jealous, ha!  Isn't Natalie's little girl the cutest?!  Seriously!
 On Friday, we went back for some girl time to do a little shopping, eating, and chatting!  
 They were so sweet to hang out with me ALL weekend!  I'm pretty sure they are all exhausted and passed out on their couches right now, ha!  After shopping, we went up to the mountains for a little coaster ride!
 Jared did tag along with us girls (and some of the other hubbies)... he was a pretty good sport!  He's used to teacher talk since I have a family full of elementary teachers!
 Here we are about to go on the coaster ride!  Joelle LOVED it... I, on the other hand, could hear Rachelle shouting at me from behind because I was going so slow :)  I may have used my brakes the whole time!
 We did have to part from the ladies for our adoption reunion which was all kinds of fun.  It brought pure joy to my heart to watch Joelle play with her best friend from the Congo.  And, ummmm... look at those mountains.  We don't have those things in Dallas!  Beautiful!
We were so sad that Natalie couldn't go to dinner with us on Saturday night :(  I am so thankful these ladies are not just "blogging" friends to me anymore.  They are truly some of my best friends and that would not have been possible without this blogging community.  I would have never imagined that this little ole blog would have brought me some of the best friendships.  
Thank you, Natalie, for sharing your pictures with me!  She's a great photographer!

So, after such an exciting weekend that has led me into a state of utter exhaustion... I am now counting my blessings and thanking the Lord for giving me so much more than I deserve!  


krazy4K said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!!!

Ashley Sanderson said...

Y'all look like you had a blast! I totally feel you on the blogging friendships. It's amazing how God brings friends into our lives :)

Flying High in First Grade

Rachelle said...

Love you!!!!!! I had so much fun this weekend! It was MUCH needed! Next trip.... TEXAS!!!!!!!

Sam C. said...

Aw what a nice trip!! I loved reading about it. :)

M said...

That was the Alpine Slide right? I used to live in Utah...when I was only a substitute teacher getting paid $27 a day in Coalville and $36 a day in Park City.

Enjoy your reunion and new blog pals :)

Amanda said...

I LOVE this post!!! You are all adorable. That is all. :)

Amber O. said...

What a fun girls' weekend! You ladies all look so beautiful and it seems you really enjoyed your time together! I hope I get to join a blogger meet-up someday! You are all like my biggest heroes!

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

Awe! We miss you guys already!!! We can't wait to get together again! :)

Ordinary Everyday said...

Awwww...so fun! You ladies are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing some of your FUN! :)

April Walker said...

My mom lives in Park City. I still have not done the Alpine slide. I need to do that! I used to call the mountains "postcards" as a kid because they looked so picturesque in the sky. When coming to Texas to see my dad, I'd always tell my mom "They don't have any postcards." Looks like a great little blogger reunion.
~April Walker
The Idea Backpack

Teaching Little Miracles said...

What a cutie you have there!

Looks like a fun trip, too!

Teaching Little Miracles

Mrs Smith said...

Amy it looks like you had so much fun! I am from Utah and LOVE it there! I don't live there now but I miss my dear mountains! I'm jealous! The alpine slide looked like a lot of fun! My husband and I did that last summer :)
P.S. Your daughter is adorable! How lucky are you?!

Mrs. Smith


asurrett said...

This post just gave me goose bumps! It made my heart happy to see your little girl's smile in every picture. I'm so blessed to have found y'alls blogs!
Thanks for this beautiful post!

Stephanie said...

What a great weekend! You're all so dang cute - especially that little one of yours!! :)

❤ -Stephanie
Falling Into First