Getting Ready for Next Year Part 2

School ended for me about a week and a half ago.  I'm going to go ahead an apologize to those of you still in school... I don't know how you are pushing forward this far into June!  And, for those of you that got out before me, we can now be friends again ;), ha!

I wanted to show you how I left my room on the last day of school.  I've said this before, but I am very lucky that I am able to leave bulletin boards up and my room pretty much completely decorated throughout the summer.  So many of you said that you have to take EVERYTHING down and pack EVERYTHING up at the end of the year...I feel for you!  Personally, I think that teachers shouldn't be expected to recreate the wheel every single year!  And, honestly, are they cleaning bulletin boards?!  Why do you have to take those down?!  

Anyways... here's how my room stands as of now!  Our building is shut down and locked up for the entire summer.  I think we can get back in a week before teachers report back to work.  Being able to have my room partially decorated for next year helps me sleep better at night AND focus on my little sweetie!

I showed you my sink area in this post, but I wanted to show you what I did below as well!  That little skirt is simply hot glued underneath the countertop.  One thing you should know about me is that I do NOT sew at all!
 My Daily Five anchor charts are housed on the cabinet doors.  I used velcro dots to hang them up so that I can easily take them down to do the writing with my students!  The tops of my cabinets are my storage for the summer.  In August I will take all the mess down and decorate :)
This is my English alphabet and Word Wall.  My students will make the pictures/words for my alphabet, so I just laminated colored cardstock and stapled it up!  After the first week of school, their pictures for each letter will be stapled in the center of each sheet!  
Here's where I got:
Word Wall Headers (My Chevron Pack)
Writing Bulletin Board (A Cupcake for the Teacher)
Writing Pencil (Freebie from the Teacher Wife)
Vowel Glue Bottles (Freebie from The Teacher Wife)

Another look at how this area flows together...
 I made this tree last summer, and it withstood the year fairly well, so I decided just to leave it be!  You can get the inspirational quotes from THE Hope King :)
 This is what my room looks like when you walk in.  Since I teach in the Dual Language program, I also have to display a Spanish Word Wall and Spanish Alphabet.  So, that's what you see here!
A close up look at my Spanish Alphabet and Word Wall
 Underneath the white board I displayed my Chevron Number Words!  I get a lot of questions about having too much color or too many patterns.  I truly believe that you just have to do what's best for you and your students.  I have always had a colorful classroom and it has never been a problem.  I know there are people that disagree, but we all have our own opinions!
 One day I hope to house a Smart Board in this spot, but until then I will continue to use it as a regular white board!  The subject headers are from my Chevron Pack and this is where I write what we are doing for the week.
I moved my birthday display to my locker area and I really like it here!  You can get these little birthday cupcakes for FREE {here}.  The locker numbers can be purchased {here}
And, this is how it looked in the end... kind of sad because it's empty, but also almost completely ready for a new year!  I did cover up the bulletin boards with butcher paper so that they wouldn't fade over the summer.  I would hate for all that hard work to be ruined by our strong Texas sun!
Okay, now I'm off to go soak up the sun and swim with my little fish!  I'll be back soon with some other things I worked on before I left for the summer and some freebies!  


Kirsten said...

Alright, I have classroom envy. At my school teachers need to COMPLETELY pack up their room. When I worked as an assistant we spent the last teacher work day packing up everyones room. I LOVE your classroom! Where did you get your bulletin borders? I can never find cute borders!
Mrs. Wilson's Class

Natalie Crockett said...

Love everything! I love the bright colors and especially all the chevron!

I am both super excited and completely overwhelmed at the thought of decorating my new classroom from scratch this summer.

Chrissy + Nate said...

I am totally with you! Bright colors and patterns never hurt anybody ;) Looks great! We had to tear down our entire classrooms because our rooms/doors/trim/bookshelves are getting painted this summer, so I am excited to get started with a fresh space for the new year!

kherbert said...

We had to pack up but the upside is they are painting our rooms. Down side is we were not given choices in colors.

We are hoping the will take down the bulletin boards in the hallways. The whole top half of the hallway is that "Self healing" wall. The type you can staple into without damage. So TPTB stick a huge bulletin board in the middle. They basically put a bulletin board in the middle of the bulletin board.

Also in our pod (group of 4 classrooms) for some reason there are these frames with bulletin board like material in them on each of our cupboards. Instead of being able to use the entire cupboard door. We get to use maybe 1/4 of the surface for display. Principal said he would ask if they can be taken off.

Jean Robinson said...

We get to leave our stuff up as well. The only reason that make sense to me is if they are going to A) paint or B) be moving to another room! Another nice thing is we have access to our building all summer long. A couple of other teachers and I usually go in together on Monday nights starting the end of July. Its always more fun when others are there!
Diving Into 2nd Grade

Amber Laue said...

Do you know how lucky you are??? I get anxious everytime I think about how I left my classroom. We had to take EVERYTHING down and pack up our shelves so the tops of them were cleared off too. Most of my classroom is in boxes. :(
Mrs. Laue's Littles

Jeannie said...

This was the first year that we didn't have to take everything down. I took it all down anyway. Partly from habit. Plus, I want to redecorate. Your room is super cute. As always, even when you leave it. ;-)

The 2nd Grade Surprise

Laura said...

What a beautiful classroom! Where did you get the "pencil" on the bulletin board that says "What do Writers Write?" Did you make it? Love your daughter's pics too! LauraRead-Write-Create

Lita Lita said...

I am changing schools this year and will only have 5 days to prepare the classroom/including meetings. So many great ideas that I won't be able to use in my classroom... :(
Have fun with your little girl.

Karmen said...

Your classroom looks great! I had to pull EVERYTHING down! Some teachers like to pack the cubbies full of their materials, but We havent been told if we are moving classrooms yet so I had everything had to go in a box!

Karmens Kinders

Lovely Nina said...

Love your classroom Amy. The more color the better-it's so cheery!
Like others, my room is packed up, bulletin boards are empty, and the week before we head back I can go and start my room up--oh the joys of unpacking-lol
-Lovely Nina

Cara McFall said...

Love the way your classroom looks! Happy SUMMER! :)


Monica said...

So nice that you have a huge chunk done! I usually can keep stuff up but this summer our classrooms are getting painted (so needed!) so we had to take everything down and pack it! Feeling stressed because it is that much more to do in August!

Mrs. Dye said...

Amy, love your fabrics, where did you get them at?? I have been looking and some of yours is what I've been looking for. Your room looks awesome. You can email me at for the place you purchased your fabric.


Mrs. Delzer said...

As always, I LOVE your classroom! It is such an inspiration to me! I can get back in my room this week. I had to pack up and start over, too. This year I'm doing chevron and dogs! Can't wait! Thanks for the post!

Top Dog Teaching

KaSandra said...

Wowza! I wish my room looked half as prepared as yours already. Where, oh where, did you find the orange and white chevron fabric used behind your sink...I love it! And the chevron number words are already in my TpT wishlist.

Ms. Cestra said...


I love your room. I have a question about your decor. In your picture from the end of the year you have some crayons on the wall by the writing board and file cabinet. Where did you get those? Can I buy them from your store? I would like something like that for my room, too!


Teacher-ific said...

Love your room!! I used your Daily 5 anchor charts picture in my blog if you don't mind :/ I just wanted to say thank you so much for being an awesome inspiration to many of us. :)

Kelly Williams said...

How cute! You're so lucky you get to keep all your boards up! I'm staying in second grade (after a major teacher swap at my school...major stress as no one knew where they would be placed!) but I am switching rooms. So, not only did I have to pack EVERYTHING up...I had to move it..luckily only a couple classrooms away. Needless to say, I wish we could keep things up during the summer....

But your room is super cute! Love the organization and is definitely giving me some ideas for how to decorate next year :)

Jamie said...

I love your classroom! It is so bright and inviting. I am lucky too, because we can leave all of our boards up also. Although I don't have near as many cute wall decorations. I am in a newer building so the walls are still off limits. I especially love all the chevron patterns. Thanks for the post.

Teaching Tidbits and More With Jamie

Chris said...

Love your classroom! Sure wish we could do all of that. However, the fire marshal comes quite frequently now. We have so many rules. Only a small percentage of each wall can be covered and we have to have a certain amount of space between the top of a cabinet and the ceiling. We can't hang anything from the ceiling or use skirts on anything. The list just goes on and on.

D. Frideley said...

Jealous...every classroom I've taught in (in TX) I've had to strip it down bare. This year, I'll probably be in the same room and's completely naked right now:(


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Amy said...

Do you staple into the wall to create more bulletin boards?