The End is Near!

Oh, my little blog, how I've neglected you lately!  Seriously, I really do feel bad about this, but every teacher out there understands how crazy the end of the year can be!  I've been 100% consumed with DRA testing, Reading Benchmarks, AIMS Web, etc. etc. etc.!  Out of 43 kiddos, I have 2 more little guys to complete the final DRA testing with on Tuesday, and then I'm done!  PTL... it was a LONG week trying to tame my class while finishing those levels!

These little Reading Booklets were literally my saving grace last week.  Each day my students chose a book from the classroom library and completely 2 of their booklet pages.  Most definitely helped give my DRA kit and me some alone time ;) AND, they truly looked forward to reading/reflecting each day.  I'd say that's a WIN/WIN situation... students stayed engaged (and quiet I might add) while I completed testing!
After school each day, I've just been downright exhausted.  But, who has time to be exhausted when you have a 3-year old that is ready to conquer the world everyday after school, ha?!
 Since we had a day off yesterday, I was definitely saying "Peace Out" on Thursday afternoon!  This girl needed a 4-day weekend!
 After saying Peace Out and being so exhausted, you'd think my mind would be FAR from my classroom, right?!  Well, because I literally just like to make more work for myself I decided that I would give my classroom a little facelift.  So, off to Hobby Lobby I went in search of a new color scheme and material!  Here's the fun patterns I snagged!  
 During these last 2 weeks of school I'll spend my extra time changing out my bulletin boards so that I can get that done before summer!  Thankfully I can leave my walls pretty much in tact each year :)  I'm also looking to revamp my classroom library with some clear book bins.  I'm having a hard time making the plunge, but I *may* just click the purchase button for these guys today!

So, that's where I'm at... somewhere between exhaustion and giving my classroom an overhaul :)  

In the meantime, I am spending every extra moment with my little sweetie!  Oh, and today I am super excited that Joelle and I get to have a lunch date with Michelle Hudgeons from Smitten with First!
She's seriously a girl after my own heart... makes the cutest little craftivities that are always meaningful! Here's some of my favorites from her blog!

 See, I told you!  Precious!  Check out her BLOG and TPT store!  


Mrs. Richardson said...

It's SO nice that you get to leave your bulletin boards up over the summer! Last year was the first year I did and it was fantastic! Moving grade levels has changed that this year! :)
Mrs. Richardson's Class

Kristen said...

I just love clear book bins...'cause you can always change the labels! Those are really pretty ones, I love the pop of color on the handle. I've been using those clear Sterilite shoe boxes because they are cheap, but now I'm very tempted by those bins!!! Happy long weekend :)

Kelli said...

Can I just say I'm so jelly that you get to keep your walls in tact!!! Ugh. We have to COMPLETELY dismantle our room for summer! Makes BTS even more hectic!! I just love keeping up with your blog & I completely understand the neglecting the blog for your baby and EOY assessments!! I teach 2nd in Texas too and boy, oh boy... Being a mommy keeps you on your toes enough, but EOY adds a other component to the daily madness!!

Surviving the Little People

Kelli said...

Oh & I have been using your reading response booklet this last week too!! However, I've been using it with Sarah, Plain, and Tall. I've been reading it aloud and then having them do different responses! They love and so do I! :)

Surviving the Little People

Ashley Sanderson said...

Thanks so much for being apart of our giveaway! And yes, I'm totally jealous of everyone one too. Us Texas teachers have 2 more weeks and it might be the longest 9 days EVER! :)

Flying High in First Grade

Michelle Hudgeons said...

You are too sweet Amy!!! I bought your packet full of reading responses and they are MAGICAL!!!!!!! :)

Mrs. Griffith said...

I'm right there with you in the testing madness! We use to get subs so that we could pull kids out of the room to test, but this year we have had to juggle testing and taming all at once! Pure craziness!! Oh and thanks for the giveaway shoutout!

For the Love of First Grade

Second Grade Stories said...

Those booklets look like EXACTLY what I need to keep my seconds engaged while I do DRAs, too! Perfect! I cover my boards with newspaper for the summer - I can put up my BTS boards at the end of the year and be ready for fall! ~ Lisa

She (Sprinkle Teaching Magic) said...

Great fabric prints! I haven't tried fabric bulletin boards yet but I think you just inspired me. Can't wait to see it up in your room!

New Teaching Video Up: Memory Binders for the end of the year!
Sprinkle Teaching Magic Blog

Heidi Harrell said...

I am in love with your fabrics for next year. I am completely in "next year" mode too. I just ordered this planner and I am obsessed with it.
I have not had a paper planner in years but I need one!
Come to my page and see the owl pillows I am making for my class!


PhD in Psychology by Teresa said...

You are lucky to be able to get to keep your classroom walls intact. Most places make you take everything down and then rush to put it all back up in the last few weeks before school starts. The reading workbooks are a wonderful way to keep kids engaged.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Love your blog. What fonts and clip art did you use for your sports theme team labels? I want to add them to my book labels.
Thanks for all the inspiration.

Christina said...

Hi Amy, I really like the idea of using fabric for bulletin boards. It's a more expensive option, but will last longer and the variations to choose from are endless. What's your philosophy or budget theory when it comes to how much you will spend out of your own pocket for your class?room/students?