Multiplication, Prepositions, and Division!

Happy Sunday, friends!  I'm here to show you some things we worked on this past week!  Even though we only have 22 days of school left, we are still in full swing right now!  

In Math, we started learning how to multiply!  Here's a little chart I made to keep up throughout the week.
Have you read this book?  It's a great one to use when introducing the concept or when beginning multiplication facts!
We start out very basic... and we draw lots of pictures!
We also make lots of models and word problems to represent our multiplication skills!  My Multiplication Situations unit has lots of hands-on activities like the one below!
If you need some more printables while teaching multiplication, you can get a few activities for FREE in my TpT shop!  
And, we also dipped into Prepositions!  All these parts of speech are starting to even confuse ME, so I put this up for a quick reference!
I took this little butterfly writing activity/craft from my Frogs and Butterflies Unit to use for a preposition activity.  My students wrote a story about butterflies (fantasy or real) and they had to include prepositions.  After they wrote their story, they highlighted those prepositions and wrote the words on their butterfly wings!  
I do this a lot with units that I have made myself or bought from friends... adapt them to fit the needs of my students!  Since I didn't use these butterflies when teaching life cycles, I found another way to incorporate them into our learning!  Helps me to not recreate the wheel 100 times over again!

Last year I put a couple of preposition freebies on the blog, you can grab those up HERE!
Take that, English grades!!  I'll have you in the bag in NO time now!  
And, there you have it!  Prepositions and Multiplication will definitely continue throughout this week as well!  We need more practice for sure!

But, coming up right after multiplication is....

DIVISION!  I finally took the time to put some activities together into a unit!  I really do LOVE this unit and can't wait to do these things in class!  Lots of flap-books, pocket-books, word problems, making models, sorting, etc!  I've probably NEVER been this excited to each division, ha!

Enjoy your weekend!  And, may you have a week filled with lots of goodies, food, and fun for Teacher's Appreciation Week!


Kristi said...

Wonderful as always, but I kinda missed seeing pictures of your sweetie, Joelle!

Learning's a Hoot

Ashley Reed said...

These look fabulous as always Amy! Great work!!

Shawna said...

Only 22 days? I still have 38! :(

anu248 said...

So awesome!! You are one talented teacher!!

Jessica said...

Love your division unit!!

Jaimyn Fairchild said...

14 days! Woot woot!! I love using your multiplication unit and these freebies will be a great extension for my second grade friends. Thanks bunches!!

Sailing into Second said...

My kids LOVED the multiplication unit from you! I bet they'll love this division one just the same! :) Thanks!!

Mrs.Young's Chalkboard said...

Oh boy, we still have about 35 days left.....this unit will be great in those last days when I am trying to come up with something exciting for them to do! Thanks SO much for all your hard work Amy --- you are amazing!! Oh, I have to tell you, since I use SO much of your activities in my classroom, my students are starting to talk like they know you - it's SO funny! They're saying, "Oh this is another page by Amy - she does such great stuff! Or they'll ask " Did Amy make this paper"? TOO funny....and again thanks for all you do!!

Sharon said...

I love the butterfly prepositions! So cute! I think the kids love everything that has a craft with it! .....come to think of it, so do I !!

Anonymous said...

I love how you save paper by using journals. I like how the kids can look back for review. Sometimes I let my students use their math journals on their tests

James Franklin said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
Just wondering if you will be creating a calendar for 2013-2014! I printed your one for this year and LOVE IT!!!! :) Please let me know!!