Dividing Fun!

We have 15 days left.  Not that I'm counting or anything ;)  And, I'm exhausted as all get out.  How about you?!  So I'm just dropping in real quick to show you what we are working on in math this week!

We have moved from multiplication to division this week and my kiddos really are doing an awesome job again!  PTL!  Here's a little anchor chart that I made :)  Sometimes I find my "happy place" while drawing and coloring, ha!
Today, we did this little activity to make a model of a division problem.  This can be found in my division unit HERE!  Instead of making them to hang up, I decided to put the word problems in their math spirals.  It's that time of year where we aren't really hanging up new work, ya know?!
 I love how each student made their little faces unique.  Some of them turned out super cute :) They always impress me with their creativity!
 And, I ended my day picking up this little cutie from school.  I may be exhausted, but she always seems to brighten up my day!
Hope you have an awesome week!  The end is near, my friends!!!


Michelle Hudgeons said...

How cute are y'all?! Precious as always!

starr davis said...

I love the division activities! Your daughter is such a cutie! I'm on the countdown too 7 more days!

Courtney Bartlett said...

Love your division activities! Wish we taught this. I love coloring too. Wish I could do it more often because it's so relaxing.

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Mrs. Wheeler said...

Wow! Division! I guess it's that time of year! Love seeing pics of your little cutie!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

RealOCteachers said...

Love it! I'm working on division too with my 2nd grade math intervention group. Thanks for the ideas.

The REAL Teachers of Orange County

Mrs. Griffith said...

Who's not counting down girl!? I'm right there with ya, love being creative with anchor charts! You have some great artists in your room too!

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Ashley Sanderson said...

My students did a division problem the other day and they were so proud!! Love when they are proud of their work! And yes! We are ALL counting down! WE CAN DO IT!

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Leigh Langton said...

Love this idea, Amy! Def thinking about adding interactive math journals next year. Your little Joelle is ADORBS!

The Applicious Teacher

Dana said...

Love their little faces in their journals! Kids are such great artists!

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Miss Wilson said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! :) I hope I teach in a grade that I can incorporate your awesome ideas.

Karen j. said...

Hey Amy!
I bought your division and multiplication units during the Tpt sale. Love, love, love them! They kept my kids busy so I could finish DRAs last week and the activities are awesome! Thanks, girl!

MissWoodwardsClass said...

I love your Division ideas! The math notebooks are awesome, too. Thanks for sharing!


Miss Woodward's Class