All About Our Dads... and Joelle of course ;)

Oh my word... have I been MIA around here or WHAT?!  Seriously, I've been SOOO busy trying to finish this year strong and also get all of these *end of the year* procedures done that I am just utterly exhausted by the end of the day.  The good news is that I only have 4 more days of school, 2 of which are half days... amen, hallelujah... ifIdosaysomyself. 

But, I just HAD to pop in and show you these little Father's Day writing gifts that we've been working on this week.  We've been working on persuasive/opinion writing using Anna Brantley's Writing Opinions All Year Long pack.  It is seriously AMAZING, and was super easy to prep/plug into my lesson plans.  Thank you for helping me work less, Anna!  Well, after the kids rocked this little writing activity, I decided we needed a cute way to display them!  So, off to The First Grade Parade I went!  And, Cara has the cutest little Precious Parents unit for Mother's and Father's Day!  I used part of her little father craft as a header for our writing!  And, I just LOVE how they turned out!



We also used Anna's opinion writing unit for lots more!  They convinced me to send them to 3rd grade and for their parents to take them on a special vacation this summer :)  I'd say it was a success!  Hopefully we will continue our opinion writing throughout next week and I'll have more to share!

Remember last week when I told you that Joelle and I had a lunch date with Michelle from Smitten with First?  Well, it was such a success and SO much fun!  Those two cuties were calling each other sisters about five minutes into their playdate.  Definitely quite the pair of sassy girls right there!

Michelle is seriously all kinds of cute and sweet!  You would just love her-sweet-little-southern-self!
I'm pretty sure Michelle and I share the same love of big bows!!!  Can you tell?!
Okay, now I really gotta go!  My cutie pie has a solo at pre-school graduation tonight!  We are SOOO excited to see her perform!  PTL she isn't graduating quite yet... I'll save my tears for next year :)  I'll leave you with a picture of my cute thang from church on Sunday!
Happy Weekend, and Summer Vacation to several of you!!!  I'm still not quite ready to talk about Summer vacay just yet... I'll join in on that fun sometime next week.  Unit then, I'll remain jealous of all my friends that are soakin' in the sun, sleeping late, and enjoying time with their families!!!


Michelle Hudgeons said...

Seriously how precious are you?!!! You are too sweet! Love the pic of the girls! And those father's day writings are adorable!!!

Jordan Piacenti said...
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ThinkWonder Teach said...

The father's day writing is incredible. I love this idea and girls are gorgeous.

Think, Wonder, & Teach

Tiffany May said...

Your sooooooooooo precious and your baby girl is to. I love the Father's Day activity. Super Cute!!


One Fab Teacher

Unknown said...

Cute picture of all you together!
~Heidi V.

Ashley Sanderson said...

I love the blog post title. Can't forget sweet Joelle :) Definitely looks fun like you and Michelle had fun! And the girls are so adorable. Hope you can make it to the Texas blogger meet up this summer!

Flying High in First Grade