What we are up to this week!

I wanted to pop in real quick and give you a rundown of what we are going to be working on this week!  We are diving into multiplication starting tomorrow!  Here's some of the things I've done in years past....

 I do hope to stop back by later this week or weekend to show you what we come up with this year!  I'm definitely going to pull from my Multiplication Unit, but I also hope to come up with some new ideas along the way!

In ELA, my students will be using Susan Moran's unit to research and write about animals!
Today, I let my students choose their animals and they were SOOO excited!  After exploring their research materials for a little while, we made our "All About" covers!  Susan's unit has a great guide on teaching this and the perfect printables to go along also!  Y'all know me... I'm always running low on paper so I have to improvise ALL THE TIME, ha!
By the end of this week they should have a completed book with lots of fun facts, information, and nonfiction text features!  Here's to hoping ours turn out as good as Susan's, ha!


Rachel Lamb said...

can't wait to see what you come up with! We are using this unit right now!

Ashley Reed said...

I used this last year when I taught second and it is FAB...which is why it was featured in my fave thins giveaway! ;)

Hannah Burns said...

I love this unit! I have brainstorming some ways to introduce basic multiplication concepts to my second graders as the end of the year approaches. Wish listed! :)
Thanks for sharing!
Hannah at www.cuteintheclassroom.blogspot.com

Hope King said...

You are brilliant! Just thought you should know! :)

Susan Moran said...

Ohmigoodness - Thank you so much for the love! I hope your kids love their books! Mine are obsessed and they keep asking me to make another one. I feel like a horrible teacher saying no because we have too much other stuff to do!

T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)