Measuring Fun!

We've been busy measuring this week!  I love getting a break from subtraction/addition with regrouping, counting coins, telling time, etc because those concepts can be stressful!  Measuring length is just what my kiddos needed this week to take a little brain break while still learning lots of new stuff!

After learning about an inch, foot, and yard my students completed these flapbooks from my "I Can Measure" unit.  There is a template for the flapbook included in the unit, but we just whipped this up because we are all kinds of LOW on copy paper! 

Then, I displayed the flapbooks on a rather large foot :)
The outside of our measurement flapbook
 We sorted objects on the inside (included in my measurement unit)
 Today we did a little practice using a ruler.  This was definitely an activity that I pulled out because we have been trapped in our rooms ALL DAY due to the upper grades completing state testing.  They needed a little brain-break and drawing just does it for them!  My only rules were:
1. You must measure using inches
2.  You must label at least 8 lengths on your drawing.
3.  You can draw ANY type of picture you want as long as you are measuring!
 Here are some of the finished products:

And, of course, we measured our feet!  That's definitely a MUST... let a kid take off a shoe for 5 minutes and they are in heaven :)
 You can get the paper I used for my kiddos to record their length/width on HERE!

We have LOTS more to come up this week and next when it comes to measuring!  I'll be stopping back by here soon to show you what else we come up with!


Corinna said...

We are working on measurement right now as well! Love your fun ideas:) Your daughter has the sweetest smile:)

Surfin' Through Second">

Leigh Langton said...

Gearing up to start measurement in just a few weeks! I love the giant foot! TOO cute! May have to borrow that one! :)

The Applicious Teacher

Cherrie McCain said...

I'm starting measurement tomorrow and have already purchased your "I Can Measure" unit. Love you giant foot and the bulletin board of 'feet'. I can't wait to start. So glad that you and your family had a beautiful Easter. You all look blessed and happy.

Sarah Hankinson said...

Starting measurement when we return next week! Love the foot idea! Love your Easter pictures.

Learning is for Superstars
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Ashley Sanderson said...

I hear you on the craziness of being cooped up in your room during testing! So glad it's over for this week. That drawing idea is great! I'm going to have to pull that out for a rainy day!

Flying High in First Grade

67stingray said...

Your daughter is an amazing beauty with a beautiful smile:) What a precious blessing for your family!

Sandy Carter said...

I'm actually using your measurement unit this week in my classroom. They love it! I love the measuring with a ruler activity. We're going to do it tomorrow. Thanks for the great ideas. And...Joelle is precious.

Across the Hall said...

Love ALL your measurement ideas, especially the shoes. You're right...give a 2nd grader the opportunity to take off their shoes and you're golden!

And thanks, as always, for sharing pictures of your sweet little one!

Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

Wendi Richert said...

I just bought your measurement unit last week and I'm so excited to use these activities next week! Love and adore that giant foot. I'm so copying that! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness! Also, so happy you had such a blessed Easter. God is so good!

Melissa Leach said...

Awww! Her first Easter in America! :) I love watching your sweet family and love your teaching ideas! I pinned your pic of the measurement/drawing of the house. I tried something like that in my classroom during my first year of teaching and it was the biggest EPIC fail lesson of my life! Memories! ;)
Melissa Leach

Sarah Paul said...

I love your measurement ideas but I am too distracted by your adorable daughter! :) I just love her! She is so full of light. :) Such a beautiful smile!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Karen Gordenier said...

Almost ready to begin measurement! I can't wait to begin now with all of the ideas you gave me! I am so glad that the Lord blessed you with a wonderful Easter. Your daughter looks so happy!

graciegirl said...

With all due respect I thoroughly enjoy reading your 'educational' posts BUT I believe I'm enjoying posts and pics of your daughter slightly more...tee hee hee. She's gorgeous and am loving all the beautiful headbands you dress her up in. Blessings to you!

Amy J said...

I LOVE your measurement unit. Thank you for the prefix/suffix freebie! I don't usually dive too terribly deep into it with my firsties...but I think I have some that can do it this year! I'll give it a try! Joelle is just a ray of sunshine. LOVE HER!

Rebecca said...

I can't tell you how appreciative I am for you and your ideas! As a 2nd grade teacher, you are always my number 1 blog to search for the best ideas. I just got so many ideas from you the past month for fractions and measurement! God Bless you!!!

dian khairunisa said...

Big thank for the posting. love your blog :D