It's all about Hope!

It's only Tuesday and we've been all kinds of busy this week!  Here's a little peek at what we've been up to!

April is Poetry Month, so we have to dab around in that a bit!  I am definitely starting off the week having my kiddos write the easy poems first because poetry writing can be all kinds of stressful!

We did our personal acrostic poems...

And a list poem about clouds!  So easy but still poetry!  After observing the clouds outside, we did a little brainstorming using a bubble map.  Then, we watched a short video about clouds before writing our poem.  The observing and watching a video helped tremendously when it came to finding ideas!

Our poetry display so far!  My hallway is drab no more!
We are also using Hope's iPoetry unit each day when I'm introducing a new poem.  Definitely helps give us a starting point, and she writes the explanations in such simple terms!
You can check out Hope's iPoetry unit HERE!
Speaking of Hope, we are also using her Measure Up! Unit as we are continuing to measure length!
Our "Inch By Inch" activity that came straight from her unit!  This is a great book to read when introducing length, wish I would have read it last Monday!  After reading the book, my students drew an animal and measured it in inches AND centimeters!  Gave us a great discussion about comparing the two units of measurement!
I glued all of the animals onto butcher paper and up they went!  The kids LOVE looking at each other's drawings!

 Some of my favorites...

And another great, hands-on activity from Measure Up!  I Spy Centimeters!
 Give the kids string cut in different lengths, a ruler, and crayons... and you are good to go!  This is one reason I LOVE Hope!  Her activities are seriously ALL hands-on and engaging!  She thinks outside of  the box ALWAYS!
Since we studied all about inches last week, we are now using the centimeter side of the ruler (You know, the one that I'm not familiar with at all?!)  We made this flapbook from my I Can Measure Unit to sort objects that are the size of a centimeter and meter.

And there you have it!  A little measuring in centimeters, writing poetry, and using my friend's units to make my life easier!  Now if only I could see my friends in person again!  I'll have to work on that :)  On that note, I'm going to take myself back to Chicago where I actually got to see these lovely faces IN REAL LIFE!

Have a wonderful evening!


Mrs Cupcake said...

You've certainly been busy! Everything looks great, as always :)
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Leigh Langton said...

I was just trying to find a good literary connection for measurement. PERFECT! Thanks for sharing

The Applicious Teacher

Mrs. Santana said...

Don't you love it when your friends have fab ideas that make your life easier?!? :)

The Learning Tree

Teaching Little Miracles said...

Hi Amy! Thanks for some easy ideas for poetry. I've always been a little intimidated by it, but these would be do-able even in 1st grade!

Teaching Little Miracles

Ms. Lium said...

Love the acrostic poems!

Teaching in the Tongass

Courtney said...

You have some very good artists in your class. Cute ideas!

Swimming into Second

Melissa P. Brittany P. said...

Love love love your "inch by inch" activities!! We also love Leo Leoni!! Thanks for sharing your fabulous ideas with us!

ThessaBurbules said...

Love your ideas! We are also diving into poetry in my 2nd grade classroom and I love using the "Poem Farm". She has a ton of poems categorized!

Jean Robinson said...

I LOVE the green background on your bulletin board. So cute!
Diving Into 2nd Grade

Barbie Chiu said...

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