Let's Get Healthy!

Remember when my mom and I collaborated on a States of Matter unit?!  Well, we are at it again with another Science/Health unit!  I really love working with my Momma, especially when it comes to anything educational!

This is always a tricky time of year when it comes to healthy eating.  We just got done with Christmas parties, and now Valentine's is just around the corner.  I always like to review personal health and eating habits around this time.  

Here are some of the highlights from this unit...

 And here's a closer look at everything you will find!

Have a wonderful evening, and don't forget that tomorrow is Friday!


Mrs. McHaffie said...

You are a machine!!! I am loving all your new goodies!


Kristen said...

What a cool idea to cover this! I can see where you got your creativity from :)

Jessica Tobin said...

Amy, this item is already on my wishlist in my store! Can't wait to include this into my upcoming plans for our Health unit!

Second Grade Nest

Magali T said...

I love the plate with the label flaps on top! What a great idea. I've done plates before but think covering them with a label with the name will be much more effective.


Leigh Langton said...

So cute! We discuss healthy eating but I never thought to actually make it into a unit! Love this!

Michelle Hudgeons said...

GirlFRAN!!! You are crankin' um out!!! Love it!!! Yet another one goes right into my basket! You're fab!!!
Michelle @ Smitten With First

Amy Howbert said...

There's not a better duo! Packet looks great!

Amy Howbert
Little Miss Organized

Ramon Abajo said...

This is not only an excellent resource, but an awesome idea. It is time that we start promoting across the board healthy habits in our students. The situation is getting very bad: obesity, diabetes... Please, contributors to this post and readers, spread the word!

Fonts 4 Teachers
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Heather's Heart said...

This looks awesome Amy! I am going to share this with our PE teacher too! She always does a fun relay with the kiddos where they have to get plastic food items or pictures to try and create a balanced meal. I have always used grocery ads to have my kiddos plan a balanced meal.

I am adding this to my shopping cart!

Heather's Heart

Gladys said...

Love promoting healthy habits.. what a great idea for a unit! :)

Mrs Cupcake said...

I just love the healthy choices pocket book!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Mrs. Saoud said...

With a lack of health resources in our county, this is a USEFUL unit. AWESOME!!!

Ashley Reed said...

Love, love, love! I think that surgery made your brain even smarter and more productive...if that we're possible!! You rock!!

Dynamic Duo 1 and 2 said...

Love that you and your mom work together on units. Just darling!