A New Year's Resolution!

Today, I'm linking up with Kathleen over at Growing Kinders to share some of the technology resources I use as well as some resolutions I have to incorporate technology more in my classroom!
Make sure you check out the blogs each day leading up to the New Year for other linky parties and resolution posts!  A different blogger will host a linky party and giveaway for the next 5 days!

First, I am going to start with some websites that my kids LOVE and some that I hope to introduce to them in the coming months!  Click on the pictures to take you there!

To practice telling time, we play STOP THE CLOCK over and over again!  They love it!

I haven't used the Highlights website in my classroom yet, but I can't wait to!  We have the magazines in our classroom library, so I know they will LOVE this website!

Do your kids have to practice typing?  This is a great tool if they do!

I take my class to the computer lab once a week for about 40 minutes.  We do all sorts of things like practice spelling words, take AR tests, make Power Points, research, type, etc.  If my kiddos stay on task for the first 20-30 minutes, then I will let them have "free" time to play games at the end.  Funschool.com has a ton of interactive and educational games!

Here's an example of a Power Point my students made last year.

I also love a little video here and there... give me 2 minutes of free time and I sure can get a lot done, ha!  So, I've been trying to find You Tube videos for the different concepts we are covering.  Thankfully, when I forget to go searchin' my teammates usually have my back and email me the cute ones they find!  I definitely want to incorporate more of these fun music videos in the New Year!

You can even find lots of read alouds on You Tube which are great!

My largest New Year's goal in regards to technology is getting some sort of Smart Board in my classroom!  I had every intention of submitting a grant for one this year, BUT with the adoption and my health scares, I just didn't have the time.  So, this year I'm either going to submit a stinkin' grant, or I'm just going to bite the bullet and buy one myself!  I've got to get one ASAP!  

How about you?  Do you have a white board in your classroom?  As soon as I get one I'll be on the blogs searching high and low for good resources!

Make sure you link up with Kathleen over at Growing Kinders to share your technology tips and resolutions, and there's a pretty smokin' hot giveaway you can enter as well!


Stephanie @ 3rd Grade Thoughts said...

LOVE Dance Mat Typing! My teammate and I just discovered it right before Winter Break and my kids l-o-v-e it :) Thanks for all of the other great links- I am off to check out Stop the Clock now!

Happy {almost} 2013!

3rd Grade Thoughts

Rachel Lamb said...

You are not alone! We don't have smart boards either! boo! hiss! I just cannot find the patience or time to write a grant either. Good luck-great sites!

Karen F. said...

I do have a Smart board but no document camera :-( Love the sites .. thank you !! only thing is that they have blocked you tube.. boo hiss

Angela Singh said...

I loved Dance Mat Typing. I'm always looking for a fun way to improve our key boarding skills. The other sites you listed are great too! Can't wait to visit them in the new year. I love and use my Elmo document camera everyday in class. Don't know what I would do without it. Thanks for all the great ideas!

Ashley Gilardi said...

I can't wait to try out dance mat typing! We lost our computer teacher this year due to cuts, so I am responsible for getting my kids typing practice in now! Thanks a ton!

Lori Musa said...

Thanks for the web sites! I'm going to add them to my blog and to my menu bars on my class computers.

Susie Shafer said...

We have Smart Boards and document cameras in all of our classrooms...and I honestly don't remember how I ever taught without them!

Thanks for all your great ideas and resources!

Happy New Year!

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Gosh you have tons of technology! I try to use my projector as much as I can but I do not have a smart board or anything too fancy! Happy New Year!

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Tiffany Ellis said...

I also use ABCya.com and the kids love it! I like that there are so many activies you can do for different subjects. It is also by grade level so if you have low or advanced kids you can put them on a different grade level.
Have a Happy New Year! :)

Karen Stamp said...

Stop the Clock is one of our favorites too!!
Karen :o)
Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

Lisa at Fourth and Ten said...

I have a smartboard and love it! :) Smartexchange is a great place to get resource and they're free! :) I haven't been the best about using it fully this year though, gotta love being in a new grade level! :) I know that you'll love having one!
Fourth and Ten
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Erin said...

My district purchased SmartBoards for every elementary classrooms about 3 years ago. I LOVE IT! I cannot imagine teaching without it now. I've made TONS of Smartboard lessons for all subject areas (1st grade) and plan on getting on TPT soon to start something up!

Projects & Polkadots

Cindy Budd said...

I have a Smartboard in my classroom as does my teacher partner. I've had mine for 5 years, I think, and now I can't imagine teaching without it! It has transformed the way I teach and my file cabinet/binders are shrinking as my Notebook files are growing. There are SO many resources available online now, much more than there were when I first got my board. Be sure to check out "Teachers Love Smartboards" and "The Whiteboard Blog" for training and ideas. You'll never regret getting one!!

Emily said...

Thanks for sharing. So much good information!
I'm your newest follower!

I Love My Classroom

Jerry Gene said...

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