Using Spirals and The Beginning of our Spider Week!

It's a new week friends!  I am popping in to show you how I use Math and ELA spirals in my classroom.  I've mentioned my spirals before on my blog, but wanted to give you some more examples of how we use them daily.  Today, I grabbed one of my {neat and tidy} student's spirals and took quite a few pictures, so here I go...

First up, the math spiral.  We use these pretty much, seriously!  Here's just a few examples:

1.  Solving word problems with pictures
2.  Solving math problems when a concept is first introduced... I do this before I ever hand out a worksheet, because it helps me know how they are doing before they have to solve 30 problems!  Plus, it's SOOOO much faster to grade 4 problems!
3.  We glue worksheets and activities into our spirals (this example is from the Teacher Wife)
4.  We write the steps on how to solve problems to keep as a visual throughout learning that concept!

Next up.... ELA spiral!  We use this for Writing, English, Reading, and Spelling!  We get a lot of bang for our buck when it comes to our ELA spiral!  And, once again we use this daily!!!

5.  English Concepts- I will have sentences written on the projector, my students copy them and then identify the part of speech we are working on!
6, 7, and 8:  We write stories!
9.  Word Sorts- we do lots of word sorts in our spiral!

10.  Correcting Sentences- I will write sentences on the board, students write them correctly for a grade!
11.  Spelling Practice- sorting words and putting them in ABC Order!
12.  Spelling Sentences- Students choose 4 words and put them into a sentence, AND draw a picture!
13.  More Word Sorts for our spelling words!

All in all, I truly LOVE using our spirals because it saves paper and time {less copying on my end}, plus it helps me stay on top of things when it comes to grading.  Instead of letting a stack of graded papers pile up, I grade them as the students are finished so that they can either correct them or put the spirals back in their desks.  That way, by the time we are ready to move on, I have already graded and recorded their work!  And, that my friends, means I don't have to take papers home to grade!!!  It's really a win/win situation!

**I do NOT send these spirals home with my students.  We use an online grading system so I write (in spiral) next to the assignment that we completed.  That way, parents will know that they won't be seeing this in their child's folder.  And, if they make a failing grade, they are able to correct it during school when they have time instead of working on it at home. 

Now, onto something a little cuter :)

We made our little spider sandwich poems today to kickstart our spider week!  You can download this activity for FREE {HERE}!

 And, I pulled out my chart from last year to use again!
This activity was inspired by Cara :)

Hope you have a wonderful week!  Holiday breaks are coming soon... YAY!



Heather said...

I love the spirals! I do one for math, but should do one for ELA also. That may be something I think about adding this next 9 weeks.

The spiders are adorable!

Swinging Through Second Grade

Amy Howbert said...

Love your spiral binders & they seem so effective! I'll have to try that! Great work on verbs & adjectives, we are studying spiders next week so...thanks for the fun ideas! I love what you share!
Amy Howbert

Little Miss Organized

Elisabeth said...

Love the idea of spirals!! How long does one spiral last if you use them daily? And do you send them home so parents can see checked worked? Those spiders are precious!! :)


jillreep said...

Love the spirals!!!! Quick question... Do you ever send them home so parents can see them since that's where you take grades from? Or do you just not worry about that? I'm afraid mine wouldn't come back to school!

amy.lemons said...

I do not send the spirals home... when we have parent conferences in the fall/spring, I show the spirals to the parents then. Otherwise, I just write "in spiral" next to the assignment in my gradebook so parents know it will not be coming home!

Ms.B said...

I use spirals or composition notebooks for every subject. We do warm ups, journals, reflections, writing, labs and everything else in our journals. My students even have a homework journal where they complete their daily homework assignments. For example, tonight for homework they did a nouns chart similar to the one you have but they had to draw or cut a picture of the nouns. It's so much easier and saves paper and time. During conferences, Im not looking for a bunch of papers, I can just pull their math, science, social studies, ELA journal and keep it moving.

Mrs. Lynes said...

Love the spirals! Does one last a whole year? Also, thanks for the spider freebie! We will be starting our spider unit after fall break :)

Mrs. Cupcake said...

I do love those spideys-- they're adorable!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Reagan Tunstall said...

Cute spiders!!!!!

Amy J said...

I am totally "BOO"ing you because I LOVE those spiders and want you to share them! They are precious. I just pinned them to save for next year. :) Check out my latest blog post and join in the "BOO" linky party! :)

What Happens in First Grade

Mrs. Lovelace said...

Love the way you use spirals for a portfolio of sorts! I started math journals this year, but have been pretty bad at keeping up with them... Too much else to keep up with! I think we'll start adding work we don't normally instead of trying to reinvent the wheel and adding work.

Your latest follower,
One, Two, Three: Math Time

Storie said...

I love how you have incorporated spirals. We just finished making your spider craft last week. I just posted some pics about it over on my blog. Stop by and take a peek :)
Stories by Storie

Mrs Poultney said...

Amy, I was so frowning (confusion) when I was reading about your "spirals". We call them exercise books in Australia, I kept expecting to see some kind of snail shape activity, lol. We do similar things in our exercise books, I much prefer students to be either copying from board or working on a set activity in a book and it keeps them all in one place. I loooovvee those spiders, aren't your littles clever ones!
Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

Daniella Garcia said...

Love the spirals. I always enjoy looking at how other teachers use their journals. Please continue to share your great ideas on journaling when you can...

Jen Cullen//Sparkling in Second said...

We are starting Charlotte's Web this week and I was wondering if you still have this poem/spider project still available. We are going to take the week to read and then study about spiders too !