Bats, Bats, and More Bats!

We've been cranking out some pretty cute bats in our classroom this week!  My kids are almost at the point of "We are making ANOTHER bat?!" but, each day they fall a little more in love with these creepy guys!  And, each bat craft serves a different purpose, so I'll go through them one at a time below!
We started our bat week with a KWL bat.  

 I was inspired by Cara's bat for a math activity.  My team leader wanted to do some mixed practice with a halloween type craft, so I modified Cara's bat to meet our needs!  You can get her template for free {HERE}!!!  The students solved some addition and subtraction without regrouping problems, then sorted on the wings!  I love how they decorated their bats... so cute!

 Speaking of Cara, she inspired our next bat!  My original plan was to use these little guys with Stellaluna like she did, BUT then my friend, Erica, sent me a great youtube video about bats that we just HAD to watch!  So, instead of using Stellaluna, we did 3 bat facts on each section!
Let me just warn you that this video may make you feel bad for bats.  I almost teared up at the end when the bat keeper talked about letting her bats go back in the wild.  Then, I remembered how much they freaked me out and I snapped back real quick!

For now, we are done making bats, but here are a few more activities that we've done...

I don't always have time to make a cutesy chart.  A lot of times I just use my whiteboard and throw our chart up there!  We did this Venn Diagram together, and I was writing their ideas on the board, they were writing them in their ELA spiral!
My kids were over the moon in love with this next activity!  I displayed Erica's Bat Diagram on the projector, and my students drew, colored, and labeled the bat in their ELA spiral.  They were seriously silent during this WHOLE time, which was incredible!  
I must say that some of them did an awesome job!
Well, I'm all kinds of batted out!  2 more days until the weekend... YAY!!!!


Rachelle said...

Love your bats!!! I wish I was on track during Halloween so I could teach more about bats, spiders, pumpkins...etc! Oh wait, no I don't wish I was on track! HA! :)

Erica Bohrer said...

Awe, thanks for sharing and for watching the whole video. BTW -I have the bat in my packet without my logo!

Tickled Pink said...

These are awesome!!

Mrs Cupcake said...

Great bat activities!!
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Fourth Sister said...

Thank you for sharing the video on your post! I will be showing it tomorrow to a group of students reading about cave animals.

Mrs. Saoud said...

Love your purple bat!!!

Natalie said...

Looks like fun! We are learning all about bats this week, too! My littles are obsessed with the vampire bats :)

Teachery Tidbits

MaRiE* said...

These posts are inspiring! I look forward to planning out an entire bat theme....NEXT year! Lol

Shelly Sitz said...

Thanks for sharing your great ideas! My students
loved learning about bats!

Smiling and Shining in Second Grade

Annie said...

My class of 3 grade ELL students did an anticipatory activity with Scholastic News and I was inspired by your recent post to have them make some bats! Your posts are great and I truly look forward to reading about your class each week! Happy Halloween!

Heather's Heart said...

I love all of your bat activities. I would LOVE for you to come check out my Bat Bones poem and *freebie* when you get the chance. The kiddos can eat the bat bones when they finish...that is always a HUGE hit! =)

Heather's Heart

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