Horrible Harry Freebie :)

I needed a little cuteness in my day today.  If you can believe it, I hadn't done a craftivity with my class since we made our little earth books last week.  I realize that is only 5 days without something cute, but I was having withdrawals :)  So, I decided we'd make a little Harry to go with our novel unit.  After reading our chapter for the day, the students chose one of these 2 sentence stems to write about:  "Horrible Harry really is horrible because..." or "Horrible Harry isn't all that horrible because..."

Can you tell I'm running low on construction paper... seriously people, I go through soooooo much!  I'm down to the bottom of the barrel now!  However, I did ask the Mr. to get me construction paper for my birthday next week, so maybe he will replenish my supply for me {is that a sad birthday wish, or what?!}

You can get the pattern to make this Horrible Harry writing project HERE and it also has comprehension questions for "Horrible Harry Bugs the Three Bears" (FOR FREE!)

I've been really impressed with how great my kiddos are doing with multiplication... sometimes I feel like they get it better than addition or subtraction, ha!  But, I think it's mostly because they are just motivated to multiply!  Today, we made a flap-book from my Multiplication Unit.  They turned out pretty cute!

Off to church I go, happy Wednesday, friends!



Jamie said...

Amy, I literally laughed out loud at your birthday request for construction paper! I told my husband, "This girl is just like me!" I asked for ink cartridges, card stock, and laminating pouches for Christmas! :o)

Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

Kelley Cirrito said...

We are completely out of yellow construction paper in the building!!! I don't know what to do with myself!! I found a few scraps the other day!

Sarah Paul said...

Your Harry is adorable! Thanks for sharing. Some of my boys are just getting into those.
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Christi at Ms. Fultz's Corner said...

I can totally relate to asking for school items for your birthday. A parent asked what I wanted for Christmas this year and after my standard, "Oh, don't do that!" answer, she persisted so I said pencils.

I'm so glad you went into cute withdrawals because this idea is adorable!
Christi ツ
Ms. Fultz’s Corner

Tonya said...

SO cute! My kids need all the help they can get with multiplication. Love the flipbooks! Thanks for all your great ideas! I just started out blogging too...come check out my site!



iintegratetechnology said...

Thank you so much for the Horrible Harry project printables! We will use them this week! We just finished reading Horrible Harry Goes to the Moon! My kids will love this! I am new to blogger and having a blast!

If interested in technology, please stop by my blog!


Stacie said...

Love your multiplication unit! My birthday is this week too! It's tomorrow...thanks for all the wonderful things you make!!

Marlene said...

Thanks for sharing the Horrible Harry craftivity! I teach 3rd grade and will be using it when I teach character traits.

I Heart Teaching Elementary

sarah lee said...

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. See the link below for more info.