How many of you are on "break" this week?!  I need to know where you teach so that I can move there ASAP!  Our kiddos had Monday off, but the teachers still had to work... boo!  Thankfully, it's already Wednesday, so I can't complain too much :)

We made our Abraham Lincolns today.  You can get the patterns for FREE if you click {HERE}.  I found some googley eyes, so we used those instead of what is shown in my pattern.  I think they turned out pretty stinkin' cute!  

Before we did the writing, we filled out a KWL about Abraham Lincoln.  My students used that information to write their nonfiction piece.  I told my students that I was looking for a few things as they were writing:  1.  Sequence the events of his life in an order that makes sense to the reader 2.  Sentences vary in the way that they start.  I asked them not to start every sentence with "He was..." 3.  They had enough information included in their writing.

It was amazing how just that little reminder helped some of them really change up their sentences.  Of course, I had several that still wrote everything out of order and started every sentence with "Abraham..."!  AHHHHH!

We have continued working on fractions this week.  I've used tons of activities from The Teacher Wife's Fraction Fun Unit!  The kids LOVE it!

Today we did an activity that I found last year on Mrs. Bainbridge's website.  We made fraction kites!

Here is the display of our Fraction Pizzas from last week :)

And, our Chocolate Fever display!

Next week we will be learning about probability in math.  I've found quite a few cute activities from my fellow bloggers, so I only had to create 2 things on my own... YAY!  I made a possible and impossible sort as well as a flap-book where students write their own ideas for events that are possible and impossible.

You can download these 2 activities for FREE {HERE}

That's it for me!  I hope you all are having a fabulous week :)  Only 2 more days until the weekend... well for those of us who HAVE to be at school this week, that is ;)


Holly said...

All of your activities look so awesome!!!! I love the eyebrows on Abe!

I'm in Michigan...and we have this week off, but ...BUT...we only had a week and some change off at Christmas!

Thanks so much for your freebies!!

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

diditeach said...

Wow, can't believe I am must finish school very early since I think you are 2 hours behind me here in Canada...I am home of course, in my jammies. We had Monday off for Family Day and it is currently a blizzard outside so not sure you want to move here....thanks for all the freebies, it all looks great. We had team meeting after school and we were raving about our fav. blog teacher, Mrs. Lemons (and excited about your great announcement yesterday ). Have a great evening !!!

diditeach said...

Holly beat me....those darned 2 word riddles, trick me every time ha ha ha

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

It is all fabulous! Thank you for sharing!!
First Grade Blue SKies

Kristen said...

wow, you've done a ton of awesome work in your class! I really enjoyed seeing all of these units...I love looking at photos!

I'm not on vacation this week, but I am next week!! I bet you get out of school earlier than we do though and I will be sad and hot in school while you are carefree this summer (at least, I hope this is the case for you!).
Kristen :)

Meagan said...

All of your stuff is so amazing! My class made the Washington Monuments today, and they loved them!! Congrats about your announcement. :)

Ali said...

I am in NY....which we only had 1 week at Christmas and we go pretty much until the end of June. So I do enjoy these weeks that we get now and then :) February is always so short with the week off though. I feel like I have so much to cram in between the 100th day, Valentine's Day, and President's Day!

Your Lincolns turned out cute!

Thanks for the freebies!

What happens in kindergarten... lasts a lifetime

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

Aww, we are off this week and I got to hang out with Holly from Crisscross Applesauce...hehe :) Thanks for sharing all of your creative ideas! I especially love the Fraction Pizzas :) Have a great night!

Lisa :)
Made In The Shade In Second Grade

Courtney Bartlett said...

Thanks so much for the freebies Amy! We are doing your pizzas tomorrow and I hope they turn out as well as yours did. I also have to work this week and would love to find out how to get a winter break. Oh well, spring break is only 3 weeks away!

Swimming into Second

Primary Paradise said...

We plan on making your Lincolns this week. So cute. The kiddos had Monday off but it was a training day for the teachers. So jealous of everyone that's off this week. Thank you for the freebies!

Jamie said...

Hi, we just started fractions today and I'm heading over to your TpT store right now to download your fraction pizzas! Thanks for the great resource!

Jamie at 2nd Grade Stuff

Melanie Conger said...

Starting fractions next week! Can't wait to use all your creative ideas! LOVE your stuff!

First Grade Brain Sprinkles

SunnyDays said...

This post is covered with all kinds of awesome sauce that I can't even digest it all!!
I have to go back and read it all carefully now...thanks for all the great ideas!

Sunny Days In Second Grade

Patty Rutenbar said...

I'm in Michigan and we had Friday and Monday off. . . but not this whole week. I liked your fraction ideas. I'm going to use some of them. I also posted some on my page if you'd like to take a look and see if they would fit your needs.


Second In Line

Holly said...

I just have to tell you that I went back to the very beginning of your blogging days {because I have the time, because I have this week off} and I downloaded a whole SLEW...I mean...A VERY LARGE AMOUNT of awesomeness from your blog. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your creations and for giving so much are making me a better teacher!!!!!!

Bloggy Hugs,

Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

Lindsey (The Teacher Wife) said...

wow- you are awesome! i was wondering why i started selling so many fraction units! :0

Mrs. Mason said...

I used your Presidents Day freebie pack and I did this Abe project today with our book buddies! We loved it! Thanks and I'm going to be posting it on my blog so check it out for a big shout out to you :)
Erin Mason

Kaylees Education Studio said...

Love the possible/impossible freebie.

alipkins said...

I Love...Love..Love your units! My kids enjoy them so much!

RealOCteachers said...

Thank you so much for your Lincoln activity! I just wanted to let you know that I used it with my SDC kinders. I blogged about it and put a link to your blog. Please check it out if you'd like. Thanks again for sharing another great idea!
The REAL Teachers of Orange County