When I was sick...

Don't y'all just love Kristin from A Teeny Tiny Teacher?  Her blog is one of my favorites to read, plus she is also a Real Housewives fanatic, so I can get my weekly dose of reality TV talk in by reading her blog!

Anyways, to the point of why I'm blogging about Kristin.  A couple of weeks ago she blogged about a writing project that her students completed.  When I saw her cute little craft, I knew I HAD to incorporate it as soon as possible!  I mean, if you are familiar with my blog, you should know that I LOVE a good craftivity!  

On Monday we started our week long journey with this writing activity.

(For my little sick guy, I copied Cara's Alliteration poster!)

First, we brainstormed a time that we have been sick.  My students made a little bubble map in their journals to start their process.  I love how this cutie made her bubble map into a sick person.  The next day, we put all of our ideas together on the chart shown above! 

Here's how our writing process went for the week:
Monday:  Brainstormed with a bubble map
Tuesday:  Charted our ideas and wrote 2 parts (What they were sick with, and how they felt)
Wednesday:  Re-read what we had written so far, began writing the last two parts (What happened because they were sick, and how they got better)
Thursday:  Finished rough drafts, began revising/editing
Friday:  Finished final drafts and made little sick people when writing was completed!

Here's how ours turned out:

I hung my homeroom's writing activities on their lockers, and we put the other group's on the door.

In reading groups, we have been really working on fluency through poems and reader's theatre.  So, we charted what a fluent reader looks like.  Just a little FYI- most of my charts do not look like this.  I only spend time on charts that I can use year after year.  I make sure to laminate, so that we can use Expo markers when writing on them.

Also, I've had a lot of questions about how I get so many crafts into my lessons.  Don't forget that I am only showing you a small portion of what I am doing in class.  I have my fair share of not-so-cute activities that we do throughout the day.  So, I'm not Wonder Woman who can fit everything into my day... although I do realize how disappointing this is to you, ha!

Plus, I teach dual-language which is a VERY fast moving program.  My kids have learned to work at the speed of light because I only have them for half a day.  I only teach Language Arts and Math, so I try to fit in a little bit of everything in those subjects each day.  It is also a requirement that my students work in partners (1 English student and 1 Spanish student) for most of their assignments.  So, there's twice the hands cutting and glueing!  

And, I'm a sucker for anything cutesy.  I find the time to make it work, ha!


Rachel said...

I love anything cutesy! I have been incorporating more artsy stuff with my lessons too:) Cute!

Lori said...

I love your when I was sick writing! So cute and the students did a great job!
Conversations in Literacy

Cindy said...

Your craftivity is the reason for a large portion of mine, so thank you and keep it up:)! Oh, and I am a huge Kristin and housewives fan...like honestly Marla has been arrested 7 times....once or twice I might think okay maybe she won't go off on someone in Africa...but seriously, I hope no one was shocked that after 7 arrest she was gonna flip on one of those laidies.....can't wait for Sunday night...hahahahha! My husband would so be shaking his head right now if he were reading this!

Amy said...

I love this idea! You are very creative. I am all about craftivity as well, if you can fit them in, do it!

Run Teacher, Run! said...

Ooh...looking forward to your new units!

Mary Beth
Run Teacher, Run

Kelley Cirrito said...

I love your fluency chart. I have one pinned that I want to make!

Christina said...

Amy you are so amazing. We are about to start Time in 2 weeks--perfect!!

I have to take a picture of our hallway for you to see. I did your Amelia Bedelia craftivity this week, my neighbor was using your Subtraction Centers today, and her neighbor did your Camilla Cream craftivity/writing! It's like our small tribute to you at our school! Everyone that walks by LOVES all of our kids' work, all thanks to YOU!

Hope you get some rest this weekend but I have to be honest--I can't wait to see what you come up with next!

<3 Christina

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Love this activity!! I am going to have to do it soon!! =)
First Grade Blue Skies

Sheri said...

So STINKIN' cute!!! I'm so gonna do something like this next week:) Thanks for posting.....oh, by the way, I LOVE the RH of "wherever" also...except for Atlanta...not a fan!!! So addicted!!!

www.jwhit.com said...

Cute wasn't the first word I thought of. I thought that these were very practical and useful. Either way they'll cute and useful. I appreciate you sharing this with us.

Lisa Lizak and Beth Wright said...

LOVE the bubble map! How cute did those writing craftivities turn out!?!? I just pinned your fluency chart on Pinterest, you rock! Have a great night :)

Lisa :)
Made In The Shade In Second Grade

Ms. Rachel said...

Love it!

You are one busy lady always creating and stuff!!!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Ms. T said...

Your charts are awesome! I would love to see more of these! :)

Second Grade Math Maniac

Ms. Nicole said...

Oh my! Those little sick kiddos are CUUUUUTE!!! Love it!

Melissa C. said...

Adorable! I love your title on the door. What font is that??
"Life's a teach!!"

amy.lemons said...

Thank y'all!!! Melissa C.- it's a DJ Inkers Font, not sure of the name though

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