Currently and Main Idea/Details

Short and sweet... gotta run to church soon!

I'm linking up with Farley for Currently... February Edition:)

I finished my Main Idea Unit!  It's made up of several craftivities that can be used with any book!  See the description on TPT for more details :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful night!  


Cindy said...

Perfect timing! I can't wait to get this unit. Enjoy your evening :)

Lisa at Stories From Second said...

Love all the craftivities with this unit! Main idea and detail is so essential but can be so dull! :)
Stories From Second

Amanda said...

Girl, you must go through soooo much construction paper!!!! :) Your unit looks super cute!

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

You can buy me Chik-fil-A anytime!! lol
First Grade Blue Skies

Natalie said...

Mmmm....Chick Fila is muh fave! New follower here! Want to hear something funny? My maiden name is Lemons! Its pretty rare not to find it with 2 m's, so I think that's pretty cool! Maybe your hubby and I are long-lost cousins or something...ha!

Teachery Tidbits

Tabetha Lynn said...

I just got this pack from your store and I can't wait to use it with my kids. They are having such a hard time with main idea. I also downloaded your Earth Day pack and my teaching partner is excited to use your flower part foldable project. I really appreciate how easy your stuff is to put together.


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