Gumball Craftivity

Welp, it's Saturday night and I'm livin' it up.  Oh wait, no I'm not, ha!  My allergies are still bugging me, and the Mr. went to have some sort of XBox party with teenagers from the student ministry.  *I don't for a second try to understand why guys get together to play video games.  I can promise you that they don't do a lot of talking during these get togethers, ha!  All that matters to me is that the stinky boys aren't at my house and he got me all set up with dinner before he left :)

Which brings me to this... I've seen so many cute gum ball crafts for the 100th day of school, even pinned a few cuties on Pinterest.  But, I will be straight up honest with y'all.  I have not a clue as to when our 100th day of school is.  Call me a bum, but I just can't handle another celebration right now.  I feel like we just got done with the Christmas Party, and we are about to amp up for the Valentine's Party, SO I just need all kinds of normalcy in my classroom right now!  However, I have more than loved seeing everyone's ideas and pictures from their 100th day, and can't wait to see more!  Maybe I'll celebrate next year :)

Back on track now... you can get this gumball machine creativity for $1.50 at my TPT store.  There are so many ways to use this (which I've included in the pack), and I'm not 100% sure which one I'll do yet.  But, I know that the kids will LOVE this!  

Hope you are having a more eventful weekend than I am!!!  Happy Saturday to you all!


Lyndsey said...

This is too cute! Love this idea. I will definitely have to purchase it on TPT.

I'm not 100% sure when the 100th day of school is either. I KNOW it's sometime this week. I suppose if I'm going to do anything, I should find out the exact date. I do understand the feeling of just needing some "normalcy". Then again, controlled choas in my classroom is usually as normal as it gets.

I absolutely LOVE your blog! You have the most creative and engaging ideas! My teacher friends and I at school are always talking about how great your resources are.

Thanks so much for sharing! Enjoy your quiet night in!!!


Lisa at Stories From Second said...

So cute! We just had our 100th day on Friday! We had lots of fun but it wore me out!
I love your gumball machine! :)
Stories From Second

Mrs. Cupcake said...

Love! Mine is right before Valentine's Day... Late, right!? I've been eyeing gumball activities, now you've saved me the time and energy to make my own :) Thanks girl!

A Cupcake for the Teacher

YearntoLearn said...

Super, duper, cute.

Yearn to Learn Blog

Cindy said...

Wayyyy cute!

Ms. Rachel said...

That's so cute Amy!

I have no idea when mine is either, sometime in February, which I guess could be this week! I probably should look into it!... and make a february calendar!!

...eek, just typing this comment is making me think about everything I have to do!

ps. im having a giveaway on my blog! come check it out!

Amy said...

Hi Amy, I love this idea! It is soo cute. What do you use to make these?

Jason said...

As a video game player all I can say is that you have to get in and play once or twice. My wife used to play with me and though she wasn't a hardcore gamer it made for interesting looks when she told my gamer friends, "yeah, Jason and I were playing Halo yesterday. It was fun." The looks were priceless. Ok, back to grading papers

Tara said...

Hey adore your creativity!!! Always!!! I don't get the video game thing son could play for hours and his butt not even hurt...I TOTALLY get what you mean about needing normal!! We had Literacy week last week so LOTS of changes and interuptions to teaching...makes the kids bounce off the walls and those big state assessments are looming right around the corner.......normal please:)

4th Grade Frolics

laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Very cute! I need to add this to my wish list!
First Grade Blue SKies

Ms. Rachel said...

I already commented and still love this activity, but I tagged you today! come check it out!

Jodi said...

Very cute!!

Fun In First

Gina said...

I've *tagged* you! Check it out at my blog :)

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kara.treadwell said...

How fun! Love, as always! I just tagged you on "bloggy tag", check it out at:

Thank you so much for your support!
-Kara Treadwell

robert said...

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Classy Confessions said...

Love this! I tagged you in a post by the way! Go to my blog @ to see the post!

Sheri said...

You've been TAGGED Amy:) Come by and see...

Mrs. Poland said...

Hi Amy -

That is so sweet of your husband! I am told video games are part of the man cave and not to question it. =P

I love the gumball fractions. I added this to my wish list. Thanks!

applesandabcs said...

I love gum ball activities!!!

Apples and ABC's

Bridget said...

I used this and absolutely LOVE IT! :) Check out my post about it here:
Little Lovely Leaders Craftivity and Weekend Freebie - Blog Post

Little Lovely Leaders