Spiders and Bats

Last week, my class finished up our study of spiders.  Here's our finished products:

Then, we made these fun spider hats:

This week, we are moving on to bats and owls.  We started the week by making a bat from our handprints.  We made it into a KWL (I'm always trying to make cute things, but with a purpose!)

Eeeekkk.... Spiders!

This week we has been fast and furious as we have been studying spiders.  We started our spider unit by reviewing adjectives and verbs by using this chart and poem activity inspired by Cara!  After making our chart, the kiddos made a sandwich poem with 3 verbs and 3 adjectives.  We made spiders out of our handprints.  

Before reading, "Spiders Up Close", we began our KWL chart.  As I was making the class chart, my students were recording the chart in their Reading spirals.

Today, we compared Arachnids to Insects.  
First, we watched a Brain Pop video about Spiders.

I have to be honest... the kids came up with a lot of questions that I was googling as they were giving us ideas haha!  They actually knew a lot of information!

We also read the book, "The Diary of a Spider," by Doreen Cronin, which the kids LOVED.  Seriously, they were cracking up the whole stinkin time... too dang cute!  It was great because we realized that we have already learned so much about spiders.  I stopped reading right before they told where the Grandpa had "flew" off to.  I gave my students index cards and asked them to make a prediction about where Grandpa landed.  Here are a few of their ideas:

(In a room full of vacuums, Texas, and a house in Africa)
After making predictions, we finished reading the story!

The rest of the week will be devoted to researching different types of spiders.  The kiddos will break into groups and gather information about their spider.  I'll post pics of that project later!

Adjectives, continued!

This will be a quick post!  We finished 2 more adjective projects, and here are some pics of them:

Frankenstein- students created from scratch, then wrote sentences with adjectives.

Witch skirts- I had planned for the kiddos to write short stories about their witch, BUT we ran short of time, so we just brainstormed the adjectives.  Plus, as we were charting and picking adjectives out of sentences, I was noticing that several students still think nouns are adjectives.  So, I kept it basic.  We will continue to do adjective activities for a few weeks, but probably not as many projects like these!

Also, here is an adjective assessment that you can download!

Click {HERE}

TGI almost F!  

Adjective Activities

Oh my goodness... this week has been busy, busy AND it's only Tuesday!  We have been hard at work on learning/using adjectives.  So, I wanted to show you some of the activities we have done, and others that I have planned for the remainder of the week

We read a book called, "If I were an Adjective" and made an anchor chart that we will refer to all week!

Yesterday, I put 4 items in the classroom (1 on each table) and had the kiddos use adjectives to describe each item.  I just chose things I had from around the room- skittles, a crazy hat, beach ball, and a souvenir from one of my vacations.  As they observed each item, they wrote adjectives in their reading spiral. {Don't have any pictures of this activity... sorry!}

Today, we used adjectives to describe ourselves!  First, I had the students use their white boards to brainstorm 7 adjectives.  This allowed me to quickly fix their spelling as well as correct any words that weren't actually adjectives.  Then, they made this project (copied their adjectives onto small pieces of white paper, drew/cut themselves out, and wrote their name at the top):

Tomorrow, we will use these sentences to sort regular adjectives, comparative adjectives, and proper adjectives.  I am going to give each student a sentence, they will read it to the class, and we will put the adjectives into the correct column.

Click {HERE} to download the sentences (there are more in the document than what I have posted here)
Clip Art courtesy of DJ Inkers

And, we will use this simple chart to sort:

I heard your cries :)

I received several comments and emails after I posted my subtraction strategy posters from teachers who wanted something similar for addition strategies, so.....

{HERE} are some Addition Strategy Printables for your viewing pleasure :)
Clip Art courtesy of DJ Inkers

Subtraction Strategies

Here are some subtraction strategy posters that I made, hope you enjoy!

Click {HERE} to download!
Clip Art courtesy of DJ Inkers

Finishing up Cinderella and some flash cards!

I wanted to share a few things we did to finish up our Cinderella unit....

First of all, you have to visit this great website to check out an online version of Cinderella.  It also has some great activities to review story elements.  Check it out!

After reading several versions of "Cinderella," I gave my kiddos this challenge:  Invent/Create a shoe that won't fall off of Cinderella's foot.  Those are the only instructions that I gave them along with a blank piece of paper.

Here's our final product (excuse the blurry picture)
 One of the groups even made a 3D version!  It has a cute little heel, but you can't see it in the picture!

On a little side note:  

* My flash drive did go ker-plunk (thank you to everyone who left me sweet comments and suggestions on how to fix it!), so if have emailed me about sending you a doc... chances are, I don't have it!  Well, let me rephrase that- I have it, but I'll have to get it from my blog and google docs, so I won't be able to edit it!  Thankfully, my blog has most of my stuff that wasn't backed-up, so I'm not in too serious of trouble!

*My district is trying to cut some serious money, and we have been encouraged not to use much paper, SO I haven't been making as many documents because I can't print them off at school, haha!  Most of the things we have been doing in class are in our spirals or on paper we have around the classroom.  It has definitely made me think more thrifty and be a little more inventive!  No worries though... I'll continue to post pics of things we do, as well as share any ideas I come up with!

I want to leave you with some addition and subtraction flash cards that I made for a sweet follower, hope you enjoy!

Click on the pictures to download the entire document: