Last minute Christmas activities

 If Pinterest were a person, I would owe her {it would definitely be a girl because of how organized and resourceful that website is ;)} a HUGE Texas hug and Christmas gift because, in all seriousness, I did not have to create from scratch a single activity this Christmas season!  YAY!

We made these cute little Santas- I literally just looked at an example and cute tracers for the kids to use.  Then, we stamped their hands 3 to 4 times!  Super easy and soooo cute!  This was probably the only activity that we did that wasn't tied into a learning standard, but you gotta have some fun, right?!

I have now been off of work for 24 hours- for which 12 of those hours I have been asleep, ha!  Can't wait to enjoy Christmas fun with my family next week!  Very Merry Christmas to you :) 


Tara said...

I totally agree!!! My last 2 days were Pinterest inspired!! I blogged about them:) Love your santas....too cute!! I wanted to do the snowglobes but ran out of time.

4th Grade Frolcis

Courtney Bartlett said...

Love your Santas and snow globes. I agree that Pinterest is definitely a girl! The organization of it makes me happy. Enjoy your time off. I can't wait until my break starts on Friday!

Swimming into Second

Pat's Paper Passion said...

I still have 3.5 days before I guess I'd better get pinteresting (I wonder how long it will take for that word to make it into the dictionary?)

Merry Christmas

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Jenn Bates said...

Very cute! I am OBSESSED with Pinterest!
Finally in First

Mrs. Cupcake said...

Pinterest rocks!! So many great ideas! Enjoy your break :)

A Cupcake for the Teacher

Kelley Cirrito said...

I love that book. It is one of my favorites!