It's a Hand-print Turkey kind of day!

When writing my lesson plans for this week, I didn't quite realize that I had 2 projects that involved handprints and turkeys in 1 day!  Nevertheless, I went with it, and we traced our hands quite a few times today, ha!

We made a "Thankful Turkey" out of a paper bag, handprints, and googly eyes!

And, we used our handprint turkeys to count by 5s, and we did TONS of estimation while we were counting and looking at the numbers!  Between my 2 classes, we were able to count all the way to 370!

That's it for me!  Only 3 1/2 more days until Thanksgiving Break!  Yahoo!

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Tara said...

3 1/2 more days!!!! When do you get out???? Your turkeys are super cute!! That's a different idea than I have seen. Love!

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