2 Digit Subtraction Without Regrouping FREEBIES

Just here to share some activities I made for 2-Digit Subtraction WITHOUT regrouping!  My kiddos were pros this week with addition, so I hope next week we have the same success (especially since regrouping is right around the corner!)
Click {HERE} for an "I Spy" activity

Click {HERE} for addition/subtraction sort in COLOR (for centers)
Click {HERE} for addition/subtraction sort in BLACK AND WHITE (for independent work)

Click {HERE} for Match it!  in COLOR (centers)
Click {HERE} for Match it! in BLACK AND WHITE (independent work)

All fonts and clipart were purchased at www.djinkers.com!  I recently just purchased/downloaded 2 new clipart packs:

It's gettin' chilly here in Texas, so I'm off to warm up at Zumba.  Then, I fully intend on coming home to curl up in my warm and comfy bed/pjs!  

TGI almost F!!!


Cindy said...

You have the cutest lessons and I truly appreciate you sharing!! I will be using these and telling others that have to check you out :)! Thanks again!

kalia said...

Thank you! I am a new second grade teacher and I absolutely LOVE your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas!

Karen said...

Love all of the super cute ideas! Thank you for sharing. Will definitely be able to use these in my classroom and in tutoring.

Kelley Cirrito said...

Thanks Amy for the great activites!I have just finished subtraction without regrouping with my "pioneer group." This will be a great review for centers this week, as we move onto subtraction with regrouping.

Becky said...

Thank you so much for these!! We are working on the same thing in my second grade classroom and these are perfect for this week.

Yvonne Dixon said...

These are great Amy! I am posting you on my blog as the "Blog on Fire" award winner! LIst seven special things about yourself and pass it on to another awesome blogging buddy! Thanks so much again for sharing!-Yvonne Dixon http://sassyinsecond.blogspot.com/

Sheri R said...

Thanks so much :) We start subtraction tomorrow and these will be perfect!