Spiders and Bats

Last week, my class finished up our study of spiders.  Here's our finished products:

Then, we made these fun spider hats:

This week, we are moving on to bats and owls.  We started the week by making a bat from our handprints.  We made it into a KWL (I'm always trying to make cute things, but with a purpose!)


Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

Cute spider ideas! I like the spider research project. I simply had my kiddos look at spider books and find a few facts about spiders. I think next year we'll do a research project like yours. Check out my spider ideas on my blog!

Kris said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you for sharing!

Dual Kinder Teacher said...

Awesome Amy! We're working on spiders this week, love the spidey hat :)
Dual Kinder Teacher

Cindy said...

We had a great week studying spiders, you were such an asset! On to bats and owls for us...starting of course with your K-W-L bat!!!

hwalker said...

I used your darling spider research today in our computer lab. We went to the spiderroom website and I read through a few of the spiders with the group, then I partnered up the kiddos and let them loose. They did an awesome job working on filling in the spider "web". Tomorrow we will write the sentences that go along with our research. Thank you so much for such fabulous resources