Finishing up Cinderella and some flash cards!

I wanted to share a few things we did to finish up our Cinderella unit....

First of all, you have to visit this great website to check out an online version of Cinderella.  It also has some great activities to review story elements.  Check it out!

After reading several versions of "Cinderella," I gave my kiddos this challenge:  Invent/Create a shoe that won't fall off of Cinderella's foot.  Those are the only instructions that I gave them along with a blank piece of paper.

Here's our final product (excuse the blurry picture)
 One of the groups even made a 3D version!  It has a cute little heel, but you can't see it in the picture!

On a little side note:  

* My flash drive did go ker-plunk (thank you to everyone who left me sweet comments and suggestions on how to fix it!), so if have emailed me about sending you a doc... chances are, I don't have it!  Well, let me rephrase that- I have it, but I'll have to get it from my blog and google docs, so I won't be able to edit it!  Thankfully, my blog has most of my stuff that wasn't backed-up, so I'm not in too serious of trouble!

*My district is trying to cut some serious money, and we have been encouraged not to use much paper, SO I haven't been making as many documents because I can't print them off at school, haha!  Most of the things we have been doing in class are in our spirals or on paper we have around the classroom.  It has definitely made me think more thrifty and be a little more inventive!  No worries though... I'll continue to post pics of things we do, as well as share any ideas I come up with!

I want to leave you with some addition and subtraction flash cards that I made for a sweet follower, hope you enjoy!

Click on the pictures to download the entire document:


Karen said...

Thanks so much for the flashcards! They are so cute! Any idea why I can't save them in my google docs? I saved to my computer, but....

amy.lemons said...

I have no idea... Google Docs can be a little testy sometimes!

Debbie said...

As always... adorable! I love that all of your creations can be used in my classroom the very next day! NO tweaking required... they are always just PERFECT!

You are a true inspiration... which is why you are receiving the new... I HEART YOUR BLOG AWARD.

Thanks for sharing your talents with the rest of us! You are AMAZING!!!

To see the award post and accept it, stop by my blog AWARDS PAGE at:


Mrs. Lamb said... usual! I use soooo many of your ideas! I am selfsihly glad you teach the same grade as I do! We are going to a Cinderella play in Feb. and cannot wait to use this!

allisong said...

I needed Cinderella ideas and I just happened to click on your blog first. You are awesome! I always find exactly what I need! Thank you!


Shelby0624 said...

I love all of your freebies! Do you happen to have a greater than/less than sign??

Jen said...

Love the creative thinking with the shoes! I just stumbled on your blog today and have been reading through your posts. Love it!

Virginia said...

Your strategy posters are awesome! I teach in Spanish ( bilingual first grade class) and I would love to use your posters, but when I use a pdf converter, I cannot change out your background, only your text items. Where do you get find your backgrounds. I love the colors and pictures. My email address is

Thanks in advance.

Lindsay Russell said...

Awesome cards for subtraction ... we are going to try them for playing "Smash It" subtraction games with playdough to add to the hands-on experience. Thanks SO much! :o)