We love the USA

Do you have days where you completely ignore your lesson plans?  Well, today was one of those days for me!  I didn't have anything in my plans to remember 9/11 or to reflect on our nation's heroes, BUT I knew I needed to do something {That's where blog stalking comes in handy;)}

I found this cute flag craft at Sunny Days in Second Grade

As a class, we talked about 9/11 and what the kids already knew about that day.  I didn't want to scare their sweet little hearts, so I stuck with what they knew.  Then, we talked about why we love our country so much!  

Here's what we brainstormed:


Here's a close up of a flag heart.  I had the kids trace the heart and star, but they put together the blue and red parts.  I did tell them that we weren't making an "exact" flag, but just a representation of it.  On the back, they wrote "I love the USA because..." I realized after I stapled them that you could no longer see their sentences... OOPS!  I probably should have hung them from a string.  Oh well... it's definitely been a Monday for me!

After school, I started to rearrange my classroom.  Why? you may ask... because I apparently like to give myself more work to do!  As if I didn't have enough going on already!  I'm hoping to finish up my rearranging this week so that we can be all settled in by next Monday :)

Only 4 days until the weekend, y'all {sigh}!!!


IamNan said...

What a cute idea. They look great!

Third Grade's a Charm

Rachelle said...

I didn't have anything planned either!!! I snuck something in today because I thought it was so important!!!! Your flag heart turned out DARLING!

Christina said...

I have been agonizing over what to do about 9/11! We aren't supposed to talk about it with our kids but I feel like I have to do something to commemorate "Patriots" Day as we are calling it. I love your idea with the hearts. I think I'll add it to my plans for Friday. Thanks, Amy!!!

Miss Erin said...

So Friday when school ended I decided to remake my room as well. Seating arrangement, moved the writing area, kidney table adjustments, the works haha! I think it's good it's changing so it stays new and fresh and we can always improve on things! My new seating arrangement is helping with talking and it is easier for me to roam during whole group. Love the flags, I saw those on her blog too!!! We have to talk about Constitution Day at my school which is this weekend so I think I may do the flags then to represent America cause I honestly don't know how much they will get out of the real Constitution. haha :)

Maria Manore said...

Your flag hearts turned out so cute! I'm your newest follower.


Mary Simon said...

I just started teaching 2nd grade and I am obsessed with your blog! SUPER cute ideas :) I want to do this activity on the 11th but I was just curious what all you had the kids do? You mentioned having them trace the star and the heart but did you have the red strips and blue paper cut out already? I feel like this would take my kiddos a LONG time to do on their own-they are pretty slow workers bless their souls!! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas :)