swollen feet and tired eyes

Wowza!  I am absolutely exhausted, BUT I had such a great day with my precious class.  We stayed busy all day with back to school activities and procedures {I only had to wing it a couple of times :)}.  Just wanted to share 2 things that we did today.   Every year we do a class promise that hangs up throughout the year.  Here is the final product displayed proudly on my door :)  

Some of the faces crack me right up!

We also did this get-to-know-me activity.  Each student filled out the handprint and then their partner introduced them to the class.  It was a bit shaky with some of the shy ones, but they did a pretty stinkin good job for having the first day jitters!

I'm off to eat the meal I prepared in the crock pot for tonight!  I knew I wouldn't want to whip up a meal on the first day of school!


Littlest Learners said...

Congrats on surviving the first day. I heart my crockpot. The problem I have is coming home to the smell of a cooked meal while I'm starving and then waiting 1.5 hours for hubby to get home! What did you make?

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Courtney said...

My feet are still swollen too after a week of school. I always forget how much my feet hurt at the beginning of school. Congratulations on surviving your first day! I love your class promise. I'll have to remember that for next year.

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The Schaffnitt's said...

May I ask how you did the faces? Did you just give them scraps? Details please .... they are adorable!

Amanda K. said...

Oh I know the feeling!! It's my third week back, and I still have a little swelling! Everything hurt...especially my fingertips! Weird! Congrats on surviving the first day!

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Alyssa said...

Do you write the class promise together?

amy.lemons said...

Jodi- I made beef tacos. They were pretty delish!

I gave the kids a tracer for the face and scraps for the hair.

Alyssa- yes, we write it together. I give them ideas and once we get started they think of some good things. I'm hoping since it's on my door I will remember to refer to it more!

Thanks everyone!!! Best of wishes for the new school year!

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

The classroom promise is really neat! The faces are cute too! I like the handprint too, an easy way to get to know each kid.
Congrats on surviving that first day! Mine comes this Wed!

Miss Erin said...

SOO CUTE! I hope you don't mind but I was truly inspired and I did your promise chart in class today! I loved it I could not resist!!!

amy.lemons said...

Erin... of course I don't mind! I definitely didn't create that idea... after all, it's better to borrow ideas than to recreate the wheel!!! Just glad you found the post useful!!! Thanks!