More Classroom Shapes

I have been answering lots of emails tonight, so I am sharing some of the things that have been requested!  I previously posted shape posters that were made in color HERE.  But, I also have some 2D and 3D shapes that are not colored, and therefore can be printed on colored paper (thus, saving lots of ink!)  So, I wanted to share this in case they interest anyone!  I have to be honest, I am being very lazy with this post because I have not checked to make sure all of the shape names match up with the actual shapes, so if something is missing, please let me know!

A few examples are shown here:

Here is a pic of how I used them in my classroom:


Busy Bees said...

Thanks so much for sharing these shapes. I will have to copy them today!! I have the perfect space for them.

Becky (Denton) Berry said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I plan on copying them and using them on my math wall. By chance do you have a rhombus shape? Again, these are awesome. I'm super excited. Thanks for sharing!

Johanna Tackitt said...

Hi there...I am your newest follower~come on over to my blog and check out when you have a chance! I love your shape stuff!!!!

First Grade Fanatic!

Amy said...

did you make these shapes or did you purchase them from somewhere?

thanks fo all of your wonderful ideas!!!!