Mod-Podging once again!

Well, I mod podged with 37 students today (split between two classes of course)!  I have to get to church so I'll give you a brief explanation

1.  I gave the kids paper towels to cover their desk and a blank spiral.
2.  I put magazine pages on each table (I had previously ripped them out to make sure there was no inappropriate content.
3.  I taught them how to apply the mod podge (with a sponge paint brush)
4.  They made a plan before gluing the pictures down
5.  I did the final mod podge cover

Here are some of them!

Thanks Hope King for the idea!  They LOVED putting them together!!!


Pat's Paper Passion said...

Great looking...I might have to try this. I was inspired by a blogger...and then I chickened out after buying the supplies - thinking it was too messy.
(thanks for sharing)

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Hope King said...

They look so wonderful! I bet your kids are super excited about their new journals! :)

clemsonbc said...

Too cute! I bet you inspired some second grade authors!

Angela said...

Mrs. Lemons, I used some of your ideas and resources in my classroom this year! I posted about them in the "Where It All Goes Down Wednesday"! Thank you!!!!! I also plan to do activity with my students' writing notebooks!

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