I'm a workin lady :)

I can't even believe that today was my first day in my classroom this summer.  After summer cleanings, vacations, school closings, and more I finally made it into my room!  Thankfully, I had already re-done my walls before I left for the summer, so a lot was already done!  Here's what I got accomplished today:

Locker tags, pockets, centers, and clock numbers

View of my lockers up close... just waiting for that class list so I can add my student names!

Center Pockets

My clock numbers that I previously posted, I still need to print out and staple the :00!

Here is my Hall Pass sign that I showed you all last week (shown here with the clips)

My New AR Chart...I still want to add some ocean creatures around to make it more fun!  I put this up in the dark and definitely didn't notice the paper bunching up... grr!

My classroom library... for now at least.  I will probably move things around in this area

My cabinets... I had all of this stuff up and done before vacation, but I cleaned it up a little today!

My shortened word wall and new English Alphabet (excuse the butcher paper remains haha... I had it covered for the summer so my skylight wouldn't fade my boards, and I couldn't reach the corners at the top!)

Math Manipulatives!

Here's my teacher area/guided reading without a desk!  I'm really linking it so far... I have a long ways to go, but I at least have a good start!

My math board with new skip counting patterns

Spanish Word Wall/alphabet and math BB

Desks are arranged!

Number line... also had this done before vacay 

I still have A LOT to do... Here's what I hope to get accomplished tomorrow and in the days to come:
1.  Add to my AR ribbon board
2.  Outside classroom Bulletin Board (ocean theme)
3.  Organize filing cabinet
4.  Print off curriculum guides
5.  Math desk tags- Print, laminate, and tape onto desks
6.  Set up center areas
7.  Put up calendar board

I'm sure there's more, but I'm pooped just thinking about my to-do list haha


Elisabeth said...

Your room is adorable! I love all the colors! Too cute! :)

Jill said...

I can't wait until it's NOT my first year so that I don't have to start from scratch! Your room looks amazing!!

Marvelous Multiagers!

Valerie said...

Your room looks incredible for one day!

Amy said...

Wow, your classroom is so cute, you really put a lot of work into it!

Magan said...

Looks great! I'm so not looking forward to getting back in my classroom. My school makes us take EVERYTHING off the walls (even if we know we are staying in the same classroom). I'm dreading hanging all my stuff again but know it will be great when it's done. Love your blog!

amy.lemons said...

Thank you so much!

Magan... that is terrible! They tell us "If you leave it up the space won't be cleaned" so I just post over everything, "Please don't move or clean!" hahaha! I'd rather it be dirty than to redo my room every year! Good luck with your classroom!

Littlest Learners said...

Gosh you look so ready! Enjoy the last bits of summer.

❤Jodi from...
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betty said...

Cute, cute classroom! I love the bright colors. I noticed in one of your pictures big letters that spelled, "All Star Students". Could you please tell me where you got them? Our school theme this year is All Stars and I would love to have something like that.

Kimberly said...

Wow - your room looks great! You are so lucky that you can do some of it in advance (or just leave it up).
Funky First Grade Fun

Melissa said...

I am SOOOO jealous looking at all you have done and thinking about all I have to do!! It looks FABULOUS! I love how bright and cheery it all looks. I really like your number line, do you recall where you got it from?

Mrs. S. said...

Marvelous, marvelous! I stayed at school yesterday until 2:00 a.m. with a buddy to finish setting up my class. I told darling hubby that I'd be there until my classroom was ready for Open House! I didn't quite get it to that point, but almost! :) Congrats to you for having everything ready!

Melly <><

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Ashley said...

Love it all! Can you explain more about your AR board? I love it and am intrigued to learn more since AR is a huge deal at our school.

amy.lemons said...

Betty, "All Star Students" came from Mardel a while back. It's a Carson Dellosa item- here's a link for one online http://www.carsondellosa.com/cd2/Products/CarsonDellosa/PID-110084.aspx

Melissa- the number line is a Scholastic Mini BB set... I'm sure I got it at Mardel also, but here's a link for one online! http://shop.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay_64813_-1_10001_10002

amy.lemons said...

*Each student gets a ribbon
*once they have earned 5 points, they get a "5 point" square added to their ribbon. Same goes for 10 points, 15 points, etc. They have to reach that amount of points to get the squares on their ribbon. I normally check the points on Friday, and add to the students' ribbons that have reached a new goal. Does that make sense?

Mrs. Johnson said...

Everything looks AMAZING! So colorful and fun!

Erika said...

Your huge bulletin board letters are awesome. Where did you get them? Fabulous room...I'd love to be or have a kid in your class!

Mrs. D said...

Your room looks great! :)

amy.lemons said...

Erika... the "Look What We Did" and "All Star Students" are Bulletin Board sets that I got a while back (I posted links on another comment above to places online where you can get them now). The black letters are 7" pop-out letters from Mardel. Thanks so much!

Mrs. Shepherd said...

Your classroom looks awesome! You are very creative. Love what you did with the clock. I have to borrow this idea. I also purchased the "Look What You Did" wording and am using it outside of my classroom to post student work. You have worked hard. Hope you will check out my classroom at http://ericashep.blogspot.com

Pat's Paper Passion said...

Nice! I won't be in my room this week since I'm watching 2-3 grandsons for most of the week. I'm envious! I like the clock idea...I may have to add the minutes to one of mine... (I have 2 digital & one analog)..

Good luck this year...I really enjoy your blog!

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Amber said...

Please come decorate my room. LOL.

Great job!!!


Jen said...

Your room looks FABULOUS!!!!

Katie said...

Hi! I'm another 2nd grade teacher -- and I've already picked up a ton of great ideas just looking at pictures of you room:) Thanks so much for sharing! It looks great:)


Brittney said...

Your classroom looks amazing and so organized! :) Thanks for the share.



Miss J said...

So cute and organized!!

Miss J


sarah said...

Wow, wow, wow! Your room is SO inviting. I wish you had been my son's 2nd grade teacher last year. It's so nice to see a teacher who thinks 2nd grade classrooms can still be fun and colorful. I hope you will keep posting more pictures!

Carmela B said...

WOW!! I am so jealous. Your room is so organized. I've been in my room 4 days and haven't gotten half as much done!

Mrs. Lamb said...

awesome. I can't wait to hang the clock pieces...sad really that something like that makes me excited!

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your number line from?

amy.lemons said...

the number line is a Scholastic Mini BB set... I'm sure I got it at Mardel also, but here's a link for one online! http://shop.scholastic.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay_64813_-1_10001_10002

Mrs. Walker said...

Such great ideas! You mentioned that you have previously posted your clock numbers on your blog... could you direct me to which post? I absolutely love them and would like to have them in my room too!


amy.lemons said...

Mrs. Walker-
Here they are: http://stepintosecondgrade.blogspot.com/2011/07/oops.html

Mrs. Walker said...

Hooray! Thank you! =)


Whitney Morgan said...

LOVE all of it! I downloaded your clock numbers....thank you!...and I have a question. When you print them out, the top half of the numbers are much lighter than the bottom half. Is this how yours turned out when you printed them? If so, did you fill them in with a sharpie or leave them as they were? Thanks Amy!

amy.lemons said...

Yea, that happened to me also! I don't know why, and I need to fix that document. I printed them on "grayscale" the 2nd time and it worked for me! I'm sorry about that!

Ms. Denise Palmer said...

Love the idea of the number line being at student level! This had been suggested many times and I swore I had no place to do this. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I love your blog!

Tara said...

Hey Amy,
Don't know how I missed this post but saw your hall pass on Pinterest and had to make on too!!! Well my daughter did:) I posted it and linked back here to you:))) Thanks for sharing!

4th Grade Frolics

webervyn said...

I love your student generated alphabet, did you make the background with the colorful letters and black background yourself?

Kristin said...

What do you store in the storage bins with handles on top of each desk? And also in the rectangle storage basket/bin next to those? I am trying to come up with a new way to keep my students supplies. Also how do you store colored pencils and markers?

Anonymous said...

Your room looks awesome! Do you know where I could go to find the posters at the bottom of your cabinets? I tried opening the link and it would not let me open it. Thank you!

2nd Grade Teacher said...

WOW! Your room looks so inviting! The remainder of what you need to do will look just as amazing!

2nd Grade Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

WOW! Your room looks so inviting! The remainder of what you need to do will look just as amazing!

Emily Loomis said...

I know I am a late poster, but just looking through this blog and loving it. I really like your AR board, SO simple and easy. I am currently using tape, but this is much neater and more efficient!! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Wilson said...

Where did you purchase the extra large letters that you placed on the wall?