Getting Crafty

Well, I officially have jet lag, and so does the Mr.!  We stayed up well past 2:00 am just trying to go to sleep...sigh.  I thought for sure I'd be able to sleep in, but NOPE!  I woke up at 8 this morning :(

On a positive note, I have accomplished a lot this morning!  So, why not share, right?!

First thing I did was make numbers to go around my clock at school.  Our campus is closed today, so just imagine a clock in the middle.  I'm just hoping (with my fingers crossed) that they fit around the clock nicely.  If not, it will be an easy fix!  Here's where I got my inspiration! Check below to download a copy for yourself!

Next up, I started on my clipboard bucket.  I took the container that I used for my hubby's bday presents and transformed it for my classroom (When I purchased it I had every intention of scrubbing "happy bday" off so that I could use it for my classroom haha!)

Here's how I made it (seriously, easy as pie!)
*I found a font that I liked and pulled it up on my computer.  I just eyeballed it, and tried to copy to the best of my ability!  I don't have time to trace and whatnot!  I wrote it with a thick sharpie marker.
*Using a "galaxy marker" (pretty much a paint-like marker) I drew circles.  You can see that they aren't perfect!
*I cut some left over ribbon and tied it to the handles!
SO SIMPLE! Yet, so cute!

And, my last project:

In my class, my hall passes are clothespins that the students just clip onto their collar (we have uniforms, so they always have a collar on).  This really helps keep the hall pass from being left in the bathroom... also germy, unwashed hands aren't touching it after they use the restroom! 

For the life of me, I can't find a single clothespin in my house to add to my hall pass sign.  When I take it to my classroom I'll snap a pic of the sign with my clothespins!

Here are the materials I used (everything is from Hobby Lobby):

I made several signs, but the others are gifts that I haven't passed out yet (That's where the fish and other paint colors came in).  As soon as I have gifted them, I will post pics of those signs also!  I got my inspiration from here... and their signs are much cuter than the ones I made, but oh well!

Here's how I made the signs:
*I painted a base coat on the wood with acrylic paint and a foam brush.  I continued with the coats of paint until it looked nice.
*Using a cup, I traced circles on with a pencil.  I did full and half circles.  
*Using a foam brush, I painted in the circles with another color.
*Using a black paint marker, I traced the circles to clean up all my messy edges!
*I used a white paint marker to draw little dots around the circles.
*Next, I free-handed the letters with the white marker.  I had every intention of keeping the letters white, but it wasn't bold enough, so I went over them with the black paint pen.
*I cut metal wire and hot glued it to the back to make the handle.
*Tie a ribbon around the handle, and you're done (well, I did go over the paint pen a couple of times until it looked nice)

Totally forgot to mention that you can use a thick sharpie to do the letters IF your paint is completely dry!

Now that I have turned my kitchen into my "craft table" I have a big mess to clean up!  I'll be busy with that for the next couple of hours!  


Jayne said...

Thank you for the Printable Clock Numbers!!!! I had planned on making some myself, but haven't had the THANK YOU!!!! Your blog is fabulous, keep up the great work.


theykeepmethinking said...

How cute! Question about the numbers on the clock; do you plan to cover them when giving math assessments on telling time, or will it be a scaffold that they will have access to at all times?

Fitbecky said...

These are so cute! My you have been busy today!!! Thanks for so many inspiring projects!


Ms.M said...

Love the hallpass sign!

Ms. M
Ms.M's Blog
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Tammy said...

Cuuuute!! I like the font too! What is it?
Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

Courtney said...

Thanks for sharing your clock numbers! I love the font. I love your clipboard bin too.

Swimming into Second

Kinderpond said...

I just pinned your clock idea on Pinterest :)


Elizabeth said...

Awesome! You should get jet lag more often!! ;)

Sandy Pence said...

Love the clock signs...thank you so much for sharing!! I am also stealing the bathroom pass clip idea! GENIUS!! :)

amy.lemons said...

Thanks for all of your sweet comments! The font is a FREE font from

It's called "My Own Topher"- my stinkin school laptop won't let me download anything, so I have to use the Mr.'s computer if I want to use them, but they are fabulous!

Also, I plan on leaving these up year-round, even for assessments. I LOVE for my students to use the resources around the room whenever necessary! Plus, I have something similar on their desk name plate, so it wouldn't be worth my time to cover up the classroom clock!

Trust me, I'll be taking some sleeping meds tonight! But, the hubs is going golfing tomorrow so I'll still have time to "get crafty" haha!

Sheena said...

Thank you for the clock numbers! I am new to 2nd and need all the resources I can get my hands on! :)

Learning in 2nd Grade

Carrie said...

Thank you so much for the clock numbers! This is a project that I had on my to-do list and now thanks to you I can cross it off! You are wonderful!

Ms. Male said...

Looove the printable clock numbers and all the DIY tips and tricks. Thanks!

A Day in the Life of a 2nd Grade Teacher

amy.lemons said...

I just realized I did 60 instead of 00... I will fix it in the am and repost!! Sorry, I'm a big dummy lol!!

Marisol Perez said...

I didnt find a comment button so i decided to just right a comment. first off thanks for the labels they are awesome. Now for the real question I am also a teacher in Texas and we just started using Cscope. Do you use it and if so what are your feelings about it.

Cyndy said...

Thanks for the clock numbers! Stealing a copy! Awesome creativity! You were busy! I need to get to work on all the pins I've done!
Counting with Coffee

amy.lemons said...

Mari... I think we are starting to use CScope this year. I haven't actually played around with it yet. I'm sure I'll get that full experience as soon as staff development starts!

Erika said...

The clipboard tub and hall pass sign are adorable! I'm going to go jazz up my clipboard tub next week. I LOVE making crafty things for my room and friends. Check out my theme artwork on my blog. Erika

Sarah Adams said...

LOVE the clipboards basket! You totally inspired me! I bought a class set of them at the dollar store last week and found the cutest zebra basket to put them in! I will be putting letters on the front too!

I JUST started a blog and will be posting lots of goodies!


Betsy said...

I teach Kinder, but it's never too early to have the clock numbers AT LEAST available for those who are interested. Thanks so much!

Kellie said...

Thank you so much for the idea and the numbers. I appreciate your sharing spirit :) Many Thanks!

Miss J said...

Love your hall pass sign!!

Miss J
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Susie said...

thanks so much for sharing..LOVE the clock numbers!!!

Michele Sutherland said...

Hi, I have been teaching for several years already, and this is my real first time blogging.. I simply thought that your sign ideas were just darling. I especially loved your teaching time ideas... They were just too darn cute! I will definitely be on the lookout for more of your cute and simple great crafty classroom ideas! If you would like you can visit my blog at and pick up my math freebie, or share it. I will post more things along the way as I am just learning how to do so...

Maria Delgado said...

Hi word love the free file for the clock numbers but there is an error when I try and download it. I know it's been out there for a while but is there anyway of still getting it? I am a new math teacher and am trying to get all the resources I can for my classroom.