What I've Been Working On!

So, I don't have any new downloads for you tonight, but I want to show you all what I have been working on thanks to my fellow bloggers out there.  I decided tonight would be the night that I started to print and put some of the projects together.  So, here is my night through pictures :)

So, here is my workspace for the evening.  If you can look past the lovely set-up of cookies (homemade by my wonderful husband) and milk... you can see the huge mess I've already made!

I started the night by printing math games.  Many of these games came from Lory's Page, while others are games that I have made.  Now I just have to laminate and cut out :)

For my next project, I was inspired by Growing Kinders.  She made sight word chants on popsicle sticks.  Here is a picture of her final product.  I downloaded the resources she shared and got busy!  My husband even help me cut some of my labels.  Mine aren't cut as perfectly as hers :)

After I was finished putting the sticks together I needed something to store them in.  Well, I am at home, so my resources were limited.  I found a crystal light container, and it was the perfect size!

Then, I needed to make a label!  It was a little long, but I trimmed it up so it worked just fine!  I used label paper to stick it onto the container!  Here are some pictures of my completed project!  

I obviously teach 2nd grade, so I have thought of a few alternate ways to use them after I have introduced the sticks at the beginning of the year:
1.  Spelling Review
2.  Put in a Word Work station so that students can work on them there.
3.  Have a student pick a stick and lead the class in the chant.
4.  Use for transition time or at bathroom breaks.
5.  Incorporate vocabulary practice with some of the chants.

Please check out those activities from the blogs I posted above!  I am so excited to incorporate these new things into my classroom next year!  Happy Blogging and Goodnight!


Kate Boyer said...

I was looking at my Crystal Light containers tonight and thought "I can't throw these away! Surely there is something I can use them for." Wonderful idea!! :-)


Jill said...

I LOVE THIS!!! Thanks so much for the link!! It looks like you used the bigger popsicle sticks... right? Otherwise I don't know how they would have fit! Sweet, I am so excited to make these now - especially for the transition/bathroom break time.

Magnificent Multiagers!

amy.lemons said...

Yes I used the larger sticks!

Tiggeriffic 2nd Graders said...

Wow...I have some of those same projects to work on!! I look forward to you site as you have great ideas! Thanks so much!

Renee Louise said...

I stumbled across your blog tonight, and let me just say, you offer FANTASTIC resources and ideas. I truly LOVE your blog and have been hooked to it for a good hour now. Thanks for sharing all of this wonderful information! I'm entering my 2nd year of teaching 2nd grade, and love finding ways to improve my classroom! Thanks again!

Kathleen said...

Yours look fantastic! (and my labels are in no means neat or straight!!)

Growing Kinders