Reading is for EVERYONE!

The title of my blog makes me giggle a little... let me tell you why!  Throughout my childhood, I was not a struggling reader, BUT I did NOT want to make time to read.  I was so much more concerned with everything else going on around me that I did not give reading the time of day.  Luckily, I had parents that didn't really give a rip that I didn't like to read because they forced me to read anyways!  When I was a teenager, I was grounded for making a C in Math.  Well, there was a junior high dance coming up and I just could not miss it!  So, to be able to go to the dance, my parents made me read 2 books and write book reports for each one!  They were always trying to get me to read!

Well, even though I don't indulge in reading in my personal life, I absolutely LOVE to teach reading.  I love seeing that "light bulb" go off when they finally get it!  So, my goal every year is to have all of my students reading on or above grade level AND to fall in love with reading (after all, that's a reasonable goal, right?!).  Here are a few things that I do to encourage reading and help my strugglers get on grade level (I've posted about some of these things previously, so bare with me!)

Whisper Phones- you can buy these at an expensive price from a teaching store, your you can get them from Lowe's for much cheaper!  Who knew PVC pipe could be educational?!

Monster Fingers- my students use these to track their reading.  I think they are $2 at Party City.

Reading glasses- you can either leave the lenses in, or pop them out.  Either way, they add a little excitement during small group time!

I haven't actually used these yet, but I am very excited about using these with my struggling readers next year!  I posted about them here!

My weekly Book Bags help all readers, but those students who need a little extra help definitely benefit from taking books home to read every night!

And of course... practice, practice, practice!  Many 2nd grade students master the phonograms at the beginning of the year, so it's not necessary to teach them to the entire group all year long.  They may all need refreshers on the cards once a week, but not daily.  So, I take some of my small group time to reinforce the sounds.

Oh , there's so much more that we do on a daily basis during reading groups and independent reading practice, but there just isn't enough time in the day!  I still joke around with my dad about how reading is not a hobby of mine.  My dad and sister can read several books in a day.  Any time I read a book, I text my dad and say "I finished a chapter book today, aren't you proud of me hahaha?!"  

In all seriousness, I love reading with my students and I encourage it in so many different ways.  Do you have any special tricks to help those struggling readers?  Link up with Funky First Grade and share your thoughts!


Kimberly said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for linking up! I'm gonna have to go get some of those monster fingers! My kids are gonna love those creepy things.
Funky First Grade Fun

Mrs. Mac said...

My husband spent a weekend making whisperphones for me from Lowes - he honestly thought I was out of mind! Until he saw them in action with the kids and saw how much they loved them and used them: After that, he went back and made enough so that every kid could have one. What a guy! :)
First Class With Mrs. Mac

Sugar and Spice said...

I made whisper phones for my classroom out of PVC pipe. My kids LOVE them. I call them "Whisper-ma-phones" like in the Lorax by Dr. Seuss. I love them too, because kids can read out loud with disturbing the rest of the class. I call that a win-win. :)

Carly said...

An easy do it yourself project to help struggling readers I made years ago and still use with 1st thru 3rd graders are what look like little fly swaters with small rectangles cut out of the middle to help track and focus on a troublesome word if needed. Materials needed: plastic grid sheet, Popsicle sticks, exacto and scissors, hot glue. Really simple and kids love to use them!