Bulletin Board Ideas Linky Party

Teaching Happily Ever After is having a Linky Party about Bulletin Boards.  Here are a few pictures of some bulletin boards that I had up this past school year.
This bulletin board was up for our Mystery Unit.  Once the students had read several mystery books, we added student work to the board, but I didn't snap a picture of that!

This is my math board that is right by my desk (please excuse the ugly wires!)

Here is the bulletin board that is above my sink!

I posted a picture of this BB in a previous post, but it was one of my favorites from this past year.  I just love all of the bright colors!

Link up to Teaching Happily Ever After and showcase your BB ideas!


Ms.M said...

They look wonderful!

Ms. M
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Ashleigh said...

Those are so cute! You have so great ideas! I'm jealous, because I'm required to post standards on my bulletin board, so I can't do most of the things I want to do.