How do I make it during the school year?  I was in a training this past week Monday through Friday, and I am exhausted!  I don't know how I function throughout the year!  I have taken a couple days off from blogging just to get caught up around the house and on my sleep.  But, I just had to share one of the baggables that we made at our training.  We made several, and I hope to share the others soon, but I just have one to show you today!

You can make this "Bag of Tricks" using any size of paper bag.  In our class we used large paper sacks (25 lb- Office Max) that you can find at Sams or Costco.  I just went to Wal Mart to pick up some sacks, so I bought the largest they had- The Giant Lunch Sacks.  I'm going to be on the look out for other sizes as well!

So, here's my "How To Make a Bag of Tricks"

I'm going to start with the finished product so you can see where I'm headed in the instructions.  If I was using the particular bag for school, it would of course be much cuter.  The kids could decorate their own,  or you could have something to glue to the front of the bag.  I just quickly made a title so you can see it.

You start with a paper sack!

Put both of your arms inside the sack to open it up.

As you are opening, tuck the bottom part of the sack, just like you would for a puppet.

Flip your bag around so that the opening is now at the top.  At the top of the bag, make a fold a few inches from the top of the sack.

Make 2 small cuts on the edges of the bag to separate the 2 layers at the top of the sack.

Cut off the inside fold, but leave the outer fold.

Your sack should look like this.  You now have a fold that will keep the things you put inside of your bag nice and safe!

You can even round the edges to make it look nicer :)

That's all of the folding and cutting!  When you turn it over, you will have the front of your "Bag of Tricks."  This is now ready to decorate!

Papers fit nicely inside of the bag.  If you use the 25 lb sacks then they tuck away nicely.  For a different size, you will need to cut the papers accordingly to make them fit

And here's the back... all nice and finished!

What would you use this for?  It's so simple that students can definitely make their own.  Here are some thoughts I have:

  • Open House- students could take all of their projects home in this bag.
  • Projects- if a project took a week or two to complete, students can keep all of their materials/research in this bag for accessibility!
  • Valentine's Day Bag- make these to keep all of their cards in!
  • Book Reports
Stay tuned to see how I use these throughout the year with my kiddos!


Cindy said...

What a cute idea! I might use them in science to collect everything for each science unit. Then everything could be sent home in a neat and tidy package at the end of each unit. Thanks for sharing!

Kim said...

This is such a cute idea! I'm going to use it to hold my students' packets and information for our United States unit. Thanks for sharing!