Literacy Bulletin Boards

My teaching life changed when I found Beth Newingham's website!  She is an amazing 3rd grade teacher that shares several of her ideas and resources on her website.  Check it out if you haven't already!  Here are a few of her ideas that I incorporated into my classroom, and some that I came up with on my own :)

Theme Board-  After we read a book as a class, we discuss the theme in the story.  Once we have agreed, we add a picture of the book to our cabinets!  I am going to change this up a little bit for next year.  I want to use the same idea, but add the genre posters instead of the character theme.

To incorporate reading strategies, our campus came up with, "Think No More, Just PLORE!"  This is a school-wide strategy that we use to help prepare our students for the state tests.  I came up with these posters to provide a visual-aid for my students.

My students love this bulletin board!  Once they read a book on their own, they can fill out a recommendation form to add to our board.  The paper asks them to name the title, author, and why they recommend the book to others!  I normally have these sheets on brightly colored paper, but I must have ran out right before I took this picture!

Character Studies- After we read a series of books on a certain character, I add their picture to this wall.  Some characters we add a quick activity to display, while others we just leave alone!

This idea also came from Beth Newingham's website.  I change the book out every few weeks (making sure that it is a book that most students can read independently).  This bulletin board is actually on my filing cabinet so that the students can move their picture magnets after reading the book.

Before adding Amelia Bedelia to our Character Study board, we hung her out in the hall!  My students created their very own Amelia Bedelia.  On the back, they brainstormed several adjectives that described this fun-loving character!  I loved seeing their interpretation of Amelia!


Anonymous said...

I love your theme posters for books you've read! Do you have the signs saved so I can download them?

amy.lemons said...

They are from Beth Newingham's website! Here is the link: