Fun With Fractions

We did so many fun activities when we learned about fractions. Here are a few pictures of the activities that I actually took pictures of.

We were studying fractions during the week of Valentine's Day. I wanted the kids to make something fun to wear at our party, but we don't normally have time to just do crafts. So, to make it apply to our lesson, the kids chose foam heart stickers to create fraction hats!

This was a fun activity, but a little challenging! We made fraction pizzas with several different toppings. The students had to figure out the fractional parts for their pizzas. Here is an example of mine:

We did several other cute things, but I didn't take pictures :(... Now that I am blogging I will have to get better about that!


Elsy Rodzy said...

WOW! Great Foldables! Thanks for sharing! I am going to have to pin some of these.


SimplyMzG said...

Love this! thanks for sharing.