Personal Narratives

Write On!  Unit Two is all about Personal Narratives.  Hope and I have planned out a month of activities that will excite and motivate your young authors!  Here's a little peek...
Also, don't forget it's aligned to the Common Core and TEKS!
 Plus we've done all the planning for you!
 And we also include journal prompts that can be displayed or glued into writing spirals :)
Find it on SALE until August 23rd at midnight!  Click HERE to see more about it :)


Needing something for Back to School?  TpT is hosting a ONE DAY sale!  You've got a few hours to get your shop on!

Bulletin Boards

This is the year of the bulletin board!  Our school's theme this year is Out'Rhea'geous (a word play on the name of the school).  I was inspired by many many bloggers when putting these boards together.  For backgrounds I used a mixture of wrapping paper and fadeless paper.  You will find a video tutorial for creating BB letters at the end of this post :)

This is the board that you see when you walk into the building.  Our school colors are green and white, so I tried to play into the school spirit!
Paper Fan inspiration:  Katie King, Cut-Out Letter Idea:  Doodle Bugs

I got my paper fans at hobby lobby, but there are some great options HERE and HERE.

This board is near the workroom on the main hall.  It will be used to display student pictures and articles throughout the school year.
Rectangle Letter idea:  Rachel Lamb, Monster Idea:  Amy Groesbeck
This board is near the cafeteria.  Our counselor likes to keep the board inspirational/character education focused.  You can find printables for this board from Math=Love:  HERE!
I bought lots of pennants, banners, and decor from Hobby Lobby,  The background is chevron fadeless paper from a teacher store.

This board is also near the cafeteria.  Our principals wanted it to highlight how parents can connect to the school throughout the year.  
This last board I did is for the staff in the office.  This idea came from Ms. Houser's blog.  Teachers will write little notes, tidbits of inspiration, and comments about happenings on the colored paper.  I did something similar last year with our sunshine board.  You can see that HERE!
Pretty much if you use black backgrounds, astrobrights paper, and cute fonts you are good to go!  For fun fonts check out Babbling Abby!
Here's a little video on how to make the letters that I used for my boards (I have the sniffles, so sorry!!!)  Thanks to all the amazing bloggers that share their ideas for all of us to gain inspiration from!!!  Couldn't have done this without that creative spark I got from Katie, Kacey, Rachel, and Amy!
For where to find the best fonts check out Cara's post HERE!
I'll be back later on to showcase a few more projects that I've completed for B2S!  Happy decorating and teaching!!!


*Update:  All winners have been notified!*

The Back to School Bash 2016 has been so much fun! Thank you to everyone who has joined us this year.'s not over yet! We have one final chance for you to win! When we say win, we mean WIN BIG! Anyone needing some updated technology for your classroom? I give you the B2S Bash Grand Prize...

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Back to School Book Activities

Tonight on our Facebook LIVE we talked about Back to School Books that up the engagement during the first week of school.  Those first few days we can choose books that are enjoyable, high-energy, and just flat out fun to read because we don't normally have to worry about our scope & sequence yet.  It's a time to grab the attention of your little learners, expose them to books that show READING IS FUN, and get them excited about being in your class.

You're Finally Here by Melanie Watt has been one of my favorites ever since Linda Kamp blogged about it.  She has the cutest unit that your kiddos would just love during that first week of school!  I've been reading it ever since, and it's just my favorite way to start the year!
 After we read the book, we chart where the students were while I was waiting on them.  They think it's so funny to hear me say I was waiting all summer for them to arrive :))  This is also a time where they get to share what they did throughout the summer.
To go along with our read-aloud and chart, I made this directed drawing.  It has simple lines that will be easy for the students to tackle at the beginning of the year!
Right now it's really hard to find a copy of "You're Finally Here"  You can find a couple of YouTube videos with the recording.  Click HERE and HERE.

One of my other favorite stories is The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig.  This story is a perfect read aloud for that first week of school.  The author does a beautiful job telling a story about a student that is lonely/feels left out.  It teaches children that the things we say and do can truly affect another person.  It's a great way to talk about classroom community.
I always like to do a Class Promise or Pledge during the first week of school.  This really emphasizes the fact that we are a family and everyone is important!  It also helps us focus on expectations without constantly saying "You cannot do this" "Don't do that"
 You just can't leave out the teachable moments that this book brings.  The illustrations give us tons of insight to how the character feels.  The craft allows us to discuss different situations that arise at school and how students feel around their classmates.
You can find many more Invisible Boy activities HERE in Rooted in Reading August

To check out the Facebook LIVE video click HERE!

B2S Bash: Amy's Bash Basket

*UPDATE:  Winner has been notified*

Well, friends, the time has come!  It's time to HOP HOP HOP around to 24 blogs for your chance to win some major giveaways!!!  We've teamed up to bring a little fun and excitement to this crazy time of year for teachers.  Our bash baskets are sure to bring some style to your wardrobe, materials to your classroom, and a smile to your face!

Here's how it works...  You'll have a couple of days to hop around blogs and enter the giveaways using a Rafflecopter.  At the bottom of each post there will be a button that will lead you to the next giveaway!  The more blogs you enter on, the better your chances are of winning :)))
Let's start with my Bash Basket!  I've chosen three things that I just can't get enough of....
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My last prize is a Yeti Tumbler!  As teachers we just don't have time to go add ice to our drinks, so the Yeti is the perfect solution!  Literally keeps my water ICE cold all day long!  My whole family takes our Yetis wherever we go :)
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OHHHHHHH I almost forgot ;)  Be sure to check out INSTAGRAM on Wednesday for the GRAND PRIZE announcement and how to enter!  You definitely won't want to miss out!!!

B2S Bash 2016

Hello friends!!  It's that time of year again...time for our BACK TO SCHOOL BASH 2016!!!  This year we have teamed up with even more bloggers so that we can bring prizes-a-plenty to you!!!  Mark your calendars for August 7th because you will NOT want to miss out!!!

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